Sunday Notes and Links

Edison Huron Grande - Favorite October 11, 2015This week’s favorite fountain pen and ink combination was my Edison Huron Grande with a barrel full of Montblanc Bordeaux. It’s a large pen so not one I carry around, but I enjoyed having it back in the rotation.

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Ink & Pen Notes: Sailor Regency Stripe and Toucan Bright Green

Sailor Pro Gear Regency Stripe with Toucan Bright Green in a bagThe Sailor Professional Gear Regency Stripe fountain pen has a very thin extra fine nib. It’s a nib I really like, but it needs a dark or vibrant ink that’s visible with that thin line. I picked Toucan Bright Green as the third ink for this pen. The name includes Bright and it looked dark in the pouch. (The ink is made in Australia and ships in plastic pouches to save on shipping.)

Unfortunately the ink did’t live up to my expectations. It was hard to read unless it was on white paper and in the best of light. I wrote the first draft of this article with the pen & ink and it was hard to read as I transcribed it. I kept having to move closer to the paper to be able to read it. The ink performed well, it’s just that such a thin line looked more yellow than green.

Because the line was so hard to read I wasn’t using the Regency Stripe, so after a month I decided to flush out the fountain pen. The ink flow was great, no skipping or hard starts, so I look forward to trying this ink in with a wider nib.

Flushing the pen was quick and easy until I got to the converter, which seems to be a theme with this pen. The converter does come apart and while I hate routinely disassembling it for cleaning, I did take it apart in this case. There wasn’t any staining but the ink clung to the piston so I finally gave in a pulled it apart.

Toucan ink is made in Australia. I bought mine from Anderson Pens which I believe is the only retailer in the U.S. for the ink. The ink is sold in plastic pouches to save on shipping. This means it needs to be decanted into a bottle in order to fill a pen. Or, like I did, you can use a syringe to fill the converter.

The Sailor Pro Gear Regency Stripe will be back, with a darker ink, and the Toucan Brilliant Green will be back in a wider nib.

Ink &Pen Notes: Franklin-Christoph Model 20 with Noodler’s Plymouth Wilderness

Franklin-Christoph Model 20 with Noodler's Plymouth Wilderness bottleNoodler’s Plymouth Wilderness is one of the two inks I picked up at the Commonwealth Pen Show. I picked the Franklin-Christoph Model 20 with it’s matching vintage green acrylic and a medium stub nib for its inaugural run. I picked the wide (for me) nib because I expected it to do a good job showing off the ink.

Things started off well. The fountain pen and ink performed well and provided a nice writing experience. There was some line variation and shading and the line width was true to the stub nib’s width, depending on the stroke direction. I did use the Model 20 frequently during the first nine days it was inked up.

Things changed on the tenth day. I picked it as my first pen to use that day and immediately noticed green ink on my fingers. Further inspection revealed a lot of ink in the cap and some on the section. The ink seemed to be leaking either through the feed or from around the feed. Not all the ink had leaked into the cap, there was still a lot left in the converter. But since it was so messy I decided to flush and clean the pen.

I like both the ink and the pen so I’ll be giving them another try once I write some more pens dry. I’ll use a different pen for the ink and a known good ink for the pen to see if the problem follows one or the other. Or maybe it was just a fluke.

Franklin-Christoph Model 20 with Noodler's Plymouth Wilderness writing sample

Sunday Notes and Links

Sheaffer Balance II (Crimson Glow) with Sheaffer Peacock Blue bottleThis week’s favorite fountain pen and ink combination this week was the Sheaffer Balance II (Crimson Glow) with Sheaffer Peacock Blue. It’s a beautiful fountain pen and the one turqouise ink that I like.

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Ink & Pen Notes: Sheaffer Balance II with Sheaffer Peacock Blue

Sheaffer Balance II (Crimson Glow) with Sheaffer Peacock Blue bottleTurquoise inks are near the bottom of my ink rankings, yet I really like Sheaffer’s Peacock Blue. It seems perfect for the bright red Crimson Glow acrylic of the Sheaffer Balance II. It’s the last of the old Sheaffer inks made in Wisconsin and sold in the burgundy bottles, so nostalgia probably colors my opinion.

The Balance II’s nib is officially a medium, but it’s on the thin side, so more of a fine medium. This puts in closer to my preference for thin nibs and I use it more than my other, wider, medium nibs. The nib and ink combine to provide some nice line cariation, which also endears this ink to me, despite being turquoise. I like this pen & ink combination so much that it’s the only ink that’s been in the pen.

As usual with my Sheaffer pens and ink, the performance was nearly perfect. There was an occasional skip, very rare, and usually when I picked up the pen for the first time that day. I wrote the pen dry in about 10 days which is quick for me. I did use the pen a lot, but I there must have been some significant evaporation this time which could explain some of the skipping.

With so many pens still inked I’ll put this one aside for a little time. But I suspect this Sheaffer Balance II will return to the rotation with Sheaffer Peacock Blue.

Ink & Pen Notes: Franklin-Christoph Model 02 with Pilot Black Ink

Franklin-Christoph Model 02 w/needlepoint nib and Pilot Black ink bottleThe Franklin-Christoph Model 02 with its needlepoint nib is new to me. I picked Pilot Black as its first ink. Its an ink that’s always behaved well, plus it’s nice and dark for the thin nib.

The ink performed well. The full converter lasted about 3 1/2 weeks. Considering that the nib is stingy with ink this is a good indication that I liked the pen/ink and used it more than other available choices.

But the experience wasn’t aggravation free, much to my surprise. The aggravation started when it came time to clean the Model 02. Pilot inks have always been pen friendly and easy to clean. This ink didn’t sit unused in the pen and 3 weeks is short for me so I didn’t expect problems. Some ink had splattered in the cap. Some drops had been in the cap for awhile and these were probably the spots that were the stubborn ones. Most of the ink washed away with water and a little scrubbing, but some were stubborn as was ink in the threads, which are midway down the cap. This ink needed some time in the ultrasonic cleaner, a little pen flush and more scrubbing with a q-tip.

The cap finial unscrews, making it easy to swap. The dip in the UC loosened it a bit so I removed it so any water trapped in there could dry out. I really like the way the Franklin-Christoph Model 02 feels in my hand and the needlepoint nib is considerably smoother than I expected. I have too many pens inked at the moment so the Model 02 will get a break, and it probably won’t see Pilot Black ink again. Luckily I didn’t fill it as a eye dropper, and I’ll use the converter next time too.

Ink & Pen Notes: Pilot Vanishing Point Cherry Bamboo with P.W. Akkerman Oranje Boven

Pilot Vanishing Point Red Bamboo with Akkermann Oranje BovenBoth the Cherry Bamboo Vanishing Point and the Left Oblique nib are relatively new, arriving in June. P.W. Akkerman Oranje Boven is only the second ink for this pen and nib. I like the color orange, but it seems like orange fountain pen inks never live up to my expectations. I’ve also never tried an Akkerman ink so picking Oranje Boven as my first Akkerman ink was a leap of faith.

I picked the left oblique nib for this ink because I figured the bright color would benefit from the wide, at least for me, nib and the line variation would go well with any shading. Well, there wasn’t any shading to speak of. Other than that I found it to be a nice ink. There was just a bit of feathering on some paper and the line wasn’t always true to the nib size. The nice bright color made up for these minor deficiencies.

Still, this ink & pen combo never really grabbed my attention. I inked it up back on August 10th. I took about six weeks for me to write the pen dry (I’m a little slow getting these notes posted). Considering that the capacity of the con–20 converter is relatively small this tells that I wasn’t enamored by this nib and ink.

I currently have over a dozen pens inked so the Vanishing Point and the left oblique nib will get a bit of a rest. I do like the nib and the pen so it will be back in the rotation soon enough.