Sunday Notes and Links

SBRE Brown’s latest video review is the Retro 51 Tornado Lincoln fountain pen. One of my favorite finishes although the medium nib is too wet for me.

Be sure to check out Stephen’s YouTube channel for more reviews.

All this 5 year old wants for his birthday is some b-day cards. You know what to do. – FPGeeks

TWSBI Micarta V2 – inklode // The Micarta has been discontinued so will become harder to get. I like the material on my first gen Micarta but my nib/feed has been more problematic.

Review: Sheaffer Balance — Alt. Haven // Better looking than my Sheaffer Balance Junior but seems to match one of my favorites in every other way. (#1 on my Favorite Vintage list

Two Vanishing Point reviews this week:

Sterling Plastic #526 Roll Top Pencil Box – My Supply Room // This brought back memories. I’ve no idea if mine was the same brand but I had one just like it back in elementary school.

Bexley Tuck-Away –

How much does your ink cost? – The Fountain Pen Blog //Nice chart of ink costs

Esterbrook SJ Fountain Pen Review — The Pen Addict

A caped crusader…Italian style – And All Other Tasks

Pilot Custom Heritage 912 Fountain Pen w/ FA Nib Review – FPGeeks

Kaweco AC-Sport fountain pen review – Pens! Paper! Pencils!

Music Evolution – Crónicas Estilográficas

Sheaffer Targa Gold Plated Chequered Classic – Goodwriterspens’s Blog // I just got a Targa (different and later model) and I’m liking it so far. A little on the thin side for me but still a nice writer.

Ink Reviews

Color Change for Black Swan in Australian Roses – Ink Nouveau

Ink Review: Iroshizuku Yama-Budo — The Gentleman Stationer

Sailor Nioi-Sumire – Inkdependence! // Be sure to read the other recent reviews of the new Sailor inks on the site

Review: Caran D’ache Chromatics INKredible Colors Delicate Green – The Well-Appointed Desk

J. Herbin Bouton D’or Ink Review / J. Herbin Bouton D’or Mürekkep İncelemesi – Write to Me Often

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Sunday Notes and Links

four Cross pens

Cross Verve (bottom), Cross ATX (bottom chrome), Cross Apogee (top chrome, Cross Bailey (black pen)

I finished up my Cross pen quick reviews this past week. This was something a little different for me. The pens were collecting dust in my accumulation, and I had forgotten a couple even existed. So I inked them up for a day or two and then did a quick review. The Cross ATX was my first Cross pen and I can see why it led to other Cross fountain pens. What I dislike about it now, mainly the metal section, wouldn’t have bothered me when I got it.

Going into the reviews I had a low opinion of Cross quality but now that I’ve done them I’ve softened a little. I still stop short of recommending them, especially for first time buyers. The Verve definitely had terrible build quality, is my most expensive Cross, and has the best Cross nib, one that can compete with the best nibs out there. Two out of three may not be bad, but it isn’t good. The others are middle-of-the-road pens. Finally, it still irks me that Cross won’t include a converter in even their $100+ pens.

The Cross Reviews:

Site Update: I finally updated my Resources & Links page to reflect the additions to my RSS feed since May. There’s a few new sites on there.

Some links I found interesting this past week…

Giveaway: Pen Chalet is giving away three bottles of the now out of production Sailor inks. Pen Chalet

New Ink Announced: Tools of the trade: New ink from J. Herbin – [Quo Vadis Blog] //Wow! Yup, I’m excited about a boring grey ink. I just have to avoid trying to find a French retailer and be patient until it appears here in the States.

A new notebook company: Nib London A6 notebook and card review (and special offer) – [Pens! Paper! Pencils!]

Monteverde Laguna Fountain Pen Review / Monteverde Laguna Dolmakalem İncelemesi – [Write to Me Often]

Nock Co Maryapple Review – — [The Finer Point]

Seven Seas “Writer” Tomoe River Paper Journal (Size A5): A Review – [Scribalishess]

Review: Monteverde Intima Neon Green 1.1mm Stub Fountain Pen – [The Well-Appointed Desk]

Pen Review: Nakaya Decapod – [The Pen Habit] // I need to stop watching these Nakaya reviews.

Improving Penmanship: Self-torture or worth the effort? – [Dept4] //I should also stop reading articles on improving one’s writing. It’s embarrassing. But this article is pretty close to my thoughts. So far I’ve yet to actually “choose to.”

The Field Notes “Archival Wooden Box” Review – [Pen Paper Ink LetterPen Paper Ink Letter]

Pen Review: Kaweco Liliput – [The Gentleman Stationer]

Off-topic but interesting: Busy NYC Restaurant Solves Major Mystery by Reviewing Old Surveillance (via

Pilot Capless Fermo Retractable Fountain Pen – F Nib — [The Clicky Post]

Ink Reviews

Private Reserve Avacado – [inklode]

Review: Pilot Iroshizuku Kon Peki – [Alt. Haven]

Sailor Doyou (Midsummer) – [Inkdependence!]

Sunday Notes and Links

Some links I enjoyed this past week…

My Antique Pens: Esterbrook Dollar Pen

Ink Nouveau: TWSBI 580AL and TWSBI 580: What’s the Difference?

The Smiling Nib – Pen Pursuit

A Second Chance: The TWSBI Diamond 580RB | From the Pen Cup

Write to Me Often: Fabriano Traccia Notepad Review / Fabriano Traccia Defter İncelemesi

Review: Parker 45 — Alt. Haven

Art supplies, Provence and Paris. | Leigh Reyes. My Life As a Verb.

Eccentric Envelopes | The Well-Appointed Desk

Franklin-Christoph Model 02 Intrinsic fountain pen review | Pens! Paper! Pencils!

Dudek Modern Goods Summer Sale! 10% off through July — The Clicky Post

Pen Review: Sailor Professional Gear – The Pen Habit

The Pile of Index Cards System Efficiently Organizes Tasks and Notes | Lifehacker

canetas e coisas: KREUZER

Baron Fig Road Test and Quick Tips — Modern Stationer

Review – Kaweco Allrounder | My Pen Needs Ink

Pilot Petit1 ~ Inkdependence!

Inktronics Reviews The Kaweco AL-Sport Fountain Pen | Inktronics

Ink Reviews

Pelikan Edelstein Aventurine Fountain Pen Ink Review | Pen Paper Ink LetterPen Paper Ink Letter

Sunday Notes and Links

Franklin-Christoph Model 03 apped on mirror

My favorite pen of the last week – with Caran d’Ache Chromatic Infinite Grey

My favorite pen/ink of the past week has been my relatively new Franklin-Christoph Model 03 with an extra fine nib and Caran d’Ache Infinite Grey ink. It’s an expensive ink but it may just be worth it with this pen. Maybe not so much with other pens. I’ll have an review of Infinite Grey in a couple of weeks.

Links I enjoyed reading

A Penchant for Paper: Rhodia Ice

Midori World Meister’s Note Vol. 4 “Katagami” Notebook Review | THE UNROYAL WARRANT

Edison Pen Company: Edison 2014 Limited Edition Group Buy Update….

FPGeeks | Montblanc 149 Meisterstück 90th Anniversary Fountain Pen – The Awesome Review

Golden Bear Pencil: A Review — The Finer Point

Gourmet Pens: Review: Pelikan Tradition M200 Clear Fountain Pen – Fine

Pilot Vanishing Point Review — Modern Stationer

Smart Travel Tips for Pen Geeks | The Well-Appointed Desk

Sailor 1911 Black Luster Fountain Pen – M Nib — The Clicky Post

Storied Pasts and Screwed Up Caps | My Pen Needs Ink

Write to Me Often: Photo of the day / Günün Fotoğrafı 39

Notebook Stories: Notebook Addict of the Week: A Four Year Old!

Pen Review: Lamy 2000 – The Pen Habit

Palimpsest: The Pencil Pen of Hinks and Wells

Ink Reviews

Noodler’s Ottoman Rose – Ink Review | Stationary Journey

Sailor Jentle Apricot ink review | Pens! Paper! Pencils!

Diamine Red Dragon ‹ inklode

Review: Pilot Iroshizuku Yama Budo — Alt. Haven

Sunday Notes and Links

Sheafer Crest (Nova Red) and Targa (Green Marble)

My Sheaffer obsession has brought me two more. A Sheaffer Crest in Nova Red and a Sheaffer Targa in Marble Green

I was listening to the Anderson Pens podcast Tuesday night when Brian mentioned so new Sheaffer NOS pens were put up on the site. My Sheaffer obsession kicked in and I couldn’t get to sleep until I crawled out of bed to see what he had. It didn’t take me long to order these two. The nova red Crest is absolutely gorgeous. The marble green Targa isn’t too shabby either. I’ve yet to ink either one up yet but I’m looking forward to it.

Some links I found interesting….

Pen Review: Platinum 3776 Century – The Pen Habit

Clairefontaine Classic Wirebound Notebook Review — Modern Stationer

Kaweco Liliput Fountain Pen Brass Wave Body Review — The Pen Addict

Lamy 2000 Fountain Pen – Fine Nib (Makrolon) — The Clicky Post

One Strategy to Improve Your Handwriting | From the Pen Cup

Pens Paper Inks…Whatever!: Featured Pen: Hakumin Urushi Negoro Kuro-Tamenuri

Pilot Metropolitan Fountain Pen | On Fountain Pens

Review – G. Lalo Correspondence Cards | My Pen Needs Ink

Write to Me Often: Sailor Professional Gear Fountain Pen with Naginata Togi Nib

Roterfaden Tachenbegleiter A5 Organizer Review | THE UNROYAL WARRANT

Pilot MT (Metropolitan) — The Finer Point

House Industries Official Stationery Supplies | The Well-Appointed Desk

Ink Reviews

East…West…Everywhere: Sailor Colors of Four Seasons

Ink Review: Pilot Blue-Black — The Gentleman Stationer

Kaweco Aubergine Purple – Ink Review |

Noodler’s Liberty’s Elysium – Ink Review | Stationary Journey

Private Reserve DC Supershow Green ~ Inkdependence!

Kaweco Ruby Red ink review | Pens! Paper! Pencils!

Morning coffee: A short review of J Herbin Café des Îles ink | A fool with a pen