Sunday Notes and Links

Franklin-Christoph Model 20 medium nib with GvFC Garnet Red BotleThis week’s favorite fountain pen and ink combination is also my newest, which does give it an edge. It’s the Franklin-Christoph Model 20 with a medium nib and Graf von Faber-Castell Garnet Red. I was surprised I like the medium nib so much. I bought it with the intention of having it modified. I’ll probably still have it turned into a left oblique, but I’m in no rush.

Some links of interest…

Field Coates by RichWorks Gear – Inktronics // A cool pocket notebook cover.

EXB Pen Wrap Review — The Pen Addict // Pen wraps never appealled to me, but this does seem nice.

Amatruda Amalfi Paper Review – THE UNROYAL WARRANT

The Field Notes Bubble — Fountain Pen Economics // I never understood the astronomical prices I’ve seen for some Field Notes. Then again, I’ve never been good at collecting or valuing things that only retain there value if they remain unused.

Pen Review: Stipula Etruria Alter Ego — The Gentleman Stationer // A very nice looking fountain pen.

Pelikan M805 Stresemann – // My Stresemann has been in the rotation since I got it.

There was a Nakaya event in Singapore. Covered by How to buy a Nakaya in 4 simple steps — Alt. Haven and Nakaya Pen Clinic, 25–27 August 2015 – On Fountain Pens.

Aussie Fountain Pen Friends on Facebook – Pete Denison // There are a few reasons for Facebook, this is a new one if you’re in Australia.

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Sunday Notes and Links

There’s no favorite pen and ink this week. It was another week with less writing than normal. And the pen I used most was filled with a new (for me) ink that was just ok in the pen, but it’s an iron gall ink so I was afraid to let it sit in the pen for fear it wouldn’t get used. I picked it as the first pen of the day and that was often the only pen of the day. More when it either grows on my and I write it dry, or I get tired of it and flush it early.

Some links of interest…

Review: M201 Bayou (2015) – The Pelikan’s Perch // I’m not a fan of pen stores having exclusive editions although I certainly understand why they do it. In the case of Pelikan it seems like they’re doing more than making a minor change and calling it an exclusive. They’re nice colors which probably aren’t cost effective or have enough material available for large manufacturing runs. Plus they seem to make the pen unique in a couple of ways.

Montblanc 149 Diplomat 90th Anniversary Meisterstück Edition –

Fountain K Press Release – KarasKustoms // I’m glad to see KarasKustoms has moved away from launching everything on Kickstarter. Despite my love of the Ink I’ll be passing on the thinner Fountain K. If you have an Ink and want a Fountain K with a nib that’s compatible with the Ink then you’ll want to read the press release and be on the lookout for the initial release, before they change nibs.

Vintage Pen Market: How it All Went Down – Wonder Pens // Nice to see things like this from a pen shop. Unfortunately it was about 500 miles and one border crossing away from me.

Roterfaden Taschenbegleiter Update – Pens! Paper! Pencils! // Nice to see an update after a product has been used for a couple of months after the review.

Dip Nib Primer — The Pen Addict

About the TWSBI ECO – Inktronics // The TWSBI ECO seems to be getting mostly favorable reviews. While it’s still too new to be decisive, the quality seems to be good. Still, this isn’t enough for me to go ahead and order one.

Platinum Ascending Dragon – Calligraphy Nut // Beautiful

The Washington DC pen show was last weekend and it seems like I was one of the handful of people who weren’t there. There were a lot of write-ups about the show, here are a few that I particularly enjoyed although they did make me jealous.

A Full Heart: The 2015 DC Pen Show – From the Pen Cup

What I learned at the DC Pen Show — The Purl Bug

D.C. Pen Show Insanity: The Saturday and Sunday Recap! — The Gentleman Stationer

Washington DC Pen Show 2015 – That One Pen

DC Pen Show Post 2015 – Inkdependence!

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Sunday Notes and Links

Esterbrook Dip-less in an empty #407 inkwell

Esterbrook Dip-less in an empty #407 inkwell

This week’s favorite fountain pen and ink combination was my Esterbrook Dip-Less pen. I wrote very little with my fountain pens this week so the convenience of this pen won out when I was at my disk.

Some links of interest…

The DC Pen Show is happening this weekend. Unfortunately I’m not attending, but here’s a couple write-ups as the show began. One from The Gentleman Stationer and another from Gorgeous Ink.

Franklin-Christoph Model 02 Intrinsic! – Inkdependence // I also like this pen and have two, one original and after the slight design changes. I don’t really like the frosted ice finish but I really like the looks of this particular pen, which isn’t on their website.

Announcing United Inkdom – Pens! Paper! Pencils! // A nice idea worth reading and watching. Their first review is the Kaweco Brass Sport

OHTO Rook – Calligraphy Nut // I bought one of these years ago, absolutely worst nib and pen and ever owned and the only one I threw out as not worth the effort to fix. Glad to see some can be good pens.

Tough Love: Pilot Falcon Edition – Super Fun Time // Not every review is positive

The SG50 Fountain Pens – A Roundup – On Fountain Pens // Happy 50th Singapore. I’m surprised to see so many fountain pens celebrating SG50

Apica CD11 A5 Notebook – Pete Denison // I’ve tried, and liked, the Apica notebooks but I’ve yet to work my way through one.

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Sunday Notes and Links

Franklin-Christoph Model 25 with a bottle of Sailor Storia Ballon GreenSailor Pro Gear Regency Stripe extra fine with R&K Blau-Schwarz LEPilot Vanishing Point Cherry Bamboo with medium left oblique nib and Pilot Blue ink (cartridge, not the bottle shown)

I didn’t play favorites this past week and I ended up writing three pens dry, although one was a bit of a cheat since it just had a partial fill. I’m down to six inked fountain pens and that includes the dip pen sitting in the inkwell on my desk. I haven’t actually checked, but this has got to be the lowest number of inked pens in a long, long time. I haven’t been anxious to ink up new pens because I really enjoy what I still have inked.

Some links of interest…

Putting Together a Correspondence Kit – Letter Writing Supplies – Wonder Pens

How Franklin-Christoph Made Me a Loyal Customer · Penucopia – // I’m also a fan for many of the same reasons.

A few lines a day – 5 Year Diaries – these beautiful pens

How to Manage Your Fountain Pen Collection #PenGeekProblems – Goldspot Pens

Review: Pilot Murex — Alt. Haven // These pens have gotten a lot of buzz lately. They’re nice but I won’t be competing for the limited supply.

I Found Your Pen — Paper Mate InkJoy – The Cramped // A cool concept although I doubt we’ll see any fountain pens reviewed.

Ripping off the Band-Aid – Anderson Pens // Congratulations to Brian (or should it be good luck), in any event it will be good for the pen community.

The Best Notebook Ever – A Rollbahn Notebook Review

Lamy Pur Fountain Pen – 14k Nib – Pete Denison

Paper Republic Grand Voyageur Notebook Review – Pens! Paper! Pencils!

I like seeing what other people actually use:

Today’s Tools – 8/8/15 — Reverenced Writing

Monthly Load Out: August 2015 — Gorgeous.Ink

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Sunday Notes and Links

Franklin-Chrostoph and Sailor Storia ink

Franklin-Christoph Model 19 (top) and Model 25 (bottom) with Sailor Storia Balloon Green Ink

This week’s favorite fountain pen and ink combination is picked because of it uniqueness. The Franklin-Christoph Model 19 (aka 1901) with Sailor Storia Balloon Green ink. The Model 19 has a broad stub nib from Mike Masuyama. A broad nib of any sort is outside my comfort zone but the stub gives the pen some character. While not a pen I’d pick as a daily writer it provided a nice change of pace.

Some links of interest…

RE-REVIEW: PILOT VANISHING POINT FOUNTAIN PEN – The Pencilcase Blog // Opinions change over time with experience.

My Security Blanket: Traveling With Too Many Pens – From the Pen Cup // I can’t say much. When I used to work out of an office over an hour from home I brought as many, if not more, more inked fountain pens into the office each day.

Anatomy of a Fountain Pen – Goulet Pens Blog // A nice graphic along with a description of each part.

Today’s Tools – 7/28/15 — Reverenced Writing // Always good to see what actually gets used.

August Loadout — The Finer Point // I like the choices.

Benefits of a Relationship with a Retailer — Fountain Pen Economics // I pretty much agree with this article. I tend to avoid shopping for the lowest price on the internet but do spread my purchases across a small number of retailers. For the more expensive pens I’ve pretty much settled on Classic Fountain Pens.

Hobonichi Planner Review — The Pen Addict // I’ve been using the Techno all year. While I like it I may not keep it going next year.

Tachikawa Straight Nib Holder Review – The Passionate Penman

Tale of a Vandal Pen Collector: Let’s Do the Twist – Peaceable Writer

Paper love – bookbinding – these beautiful pens

Form Versus Function – Pens! Paper! Pencils!

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Sunday Notes and Links

I didn’t do much writing this week so this week’s favorite fountain pen and ink combination wouldn’t really mean much, especially since it would also be the fountain pen that still has that new pen glow. So I won’t pick it as a repeat favorite, but the Sailor Pro Gear Regency Stripe was my most used fountain pen this week.

Some links of interest…

“It’s just a pen….” — The Clicky Post // I agree with the sentiment of this post, especially the lines “Do new things still excite me? Sure! But is the compulsion to go buy everything the same? Not as much. What I’ve found is I feel a bit more connected and appreciate what I am using more.”

Pilot Capless – 1984 – FCN–500R and variations – Crónicas Estilográficas // I often add the older Capless to my want list, then I see them at a pen show and there’s always something that keeps me from pulling the trigger and buying one. Then it gets dropped from my want list

Guide to Fountain Pen Nibs: Troubleshooting Tips and Tricks – // Good article with lots of tips. I do take exception to one, although it’s commonly recommended. The idea of using a paper bag (of unknown grit) to try and smooth down a nib makes me cringe.

Choosing My Tier 1 Pens — The Pen Addict // Brad picked his Tier 1 pens. They were also discussed on the Pen Addict Podcast episode #164. It’s heavy with pens that have an emotional attachment and not his choice of “the best” pens.

Review: Pilot Myu 701 — Alt. Haven // Another older, but not vintage, Pilot pen style that’s recently popular. A nice pen but I’m not drawn to buy one.

Another DIY Notebook For Fountain Pens – An Inkophile’s Blog // I’m not ambitious enough to try this, but I like to see the unique solutions others put together.

Dip Pen Modification – Calligraphy Nut // Another DIY project that’s interesting, even if not for me.

The TWSBI Eco has been released. I fear the quality of this pen based on TWSBI history and that this is an even lower cost pen. I won’t be getting one, but if you’re interested Ed Jelley has his first impressions and Dan Smith has a video review. Brian Goulet (of Goulet Pens) has a great post that answers a lot of questions about the TWSBI Eco.

Making a Silver Platinum Converter – I Laike Pens // Platinum does sell a silver converter, but if you’ve got a demonstrator Platinum and want to save a few bucks this may be worth your time.

Jinhao X750 Fountain Pen Review – My Pen Needs Ink

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Sunday Notes and Links

Sailor Professional Gear Regency Stripe writing sampleThis week’s favorite fountain pen and ink combination is an obvious choice. It’s my shiny and new Sailor Professional Gear Regency Stripe with R & K Blau-Schwarz LE. I did use other pens earlier in the week so I could write them dry and concentrate on using the Regency Stripe.

Some links of interest…

Midori Traveler’s Notebook Follow-Up – The Well-Appointed Desk // The current state of the MTN after 4 months of use.

Follow-Up: Stillman & Birn Epsilon Sketchbook – The Well-Appointed Desk // Another look at a well-used notebook.

A Pen Geek’s Pen: The Conid Bulkfiller Minimalistica — The Gentleman Stationer // A nice looking pen with an interesting filling system. It’s a pen that I should want, at least a little, yet it doesn’t do anything for me.

My favourite ink — The Finer Point // I have to admit I went through my own “bold colors” phase.

Notebook Stories: A Blog About Notebooks, Journals, Moleskines, Blank Books, Sketchbooks, Diaries and More – Notebook Stories

Pares – canetas e coisas

Field Notes Colors: Workshop Companion — Three Staples

Montblanc Meisterstück 149 75th Anniversary Fountain Pen Review – Hey there! SBREBrown

Montblanc 149 Diplomat (80s vintage) –

The Watermen and the Sailors: A Love Story – From the Pen Cup

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