Sunday Notes and Links

I’ve been reviewing my Favorite 5 lists to see what may have changed. I was also deciding pens to ink up now that the inked pen count was getting low. That’s when I decided I have too many fountain pens. While I could argue it’s not possible to have too many pens in theory, in practice I do have too many. I bought each of these pens to use and with a pen count approaching 150 there’s no chance I’d use each pen at least once a year. Especially if I define “use” as writing a pen dry and not simply flushing it after a set number of days. So it’s time to thin the herd. I prefer removing the band-aid slowly so there will probably be a few more each week.

I’m tempted to pick a number and get down to that number but for now I’ll just work on making it easier to get all my pens in one picture.

photo of most of my accumulation

Almost all of my uninked pens


Some links I found interesting…..

The Writing Arsenal celebrated National Pencil Day with some videos

The Unroyal Warrant reviews the Baron Fig The Confidant Notebook

The Franklin-Christoph Model 27 Collegia fountain pen is reviewed by Pens! Paper! Pencils!

The Pelikan 400 Tortoise Shell Fountain Pen is reviewed by Write to me Often. Great photos.

A Fool with a Pen reviews the Franklin-Christoph Model 03 with a Mike Masuyama Needlepoint nib, I want one!

The Well-Appointed Desk compares brush pens.

From the Pen Cup loves the Pelikan M205 and Levenger Shiraz Ink.

Ink Reviews

Noodler’s Bad Green Gator at the Well-Appointed Desk

Parker Quink Blue-Black is review by The Pen Addict

Crónicas Estilográficas looks at the 1971 Pilot Capless.

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Sunday Notes and Links

The release of the latest Field Notes seasonal edition was probably the most written about pen related topic this past week. The Shelterwood edition is a clear tech success story. But it seems the more effort they put into the cover design the less I like them as actual notebooks. The Cold Horizon remains my least favorite edition. I did keep one but gave the rest away. The jury is still out on the Shelterwood but it is redeemed slightly by the paper.

While a technical marvel and cool at first glance, I’m not a fan of the wood grain cover. Add to that its inability to stay close and it’s very annoying. But there’s no denying it’s popularity. The video is worth watching. In-depth reviews are at Unroyal Warrant and

Some links I found interesting…

The Contemplative Belle has a New Planner Shopping List.

An Inkophile’s Blog returns to Fountain Pens and Moleskine notebooks.

No Pen Intended also returns to fountain pens and Moleskine, this time with the Dotted Pocket Notebook.

Pentorium has a Collective Review of the Lamy Dialog Series.

Goodwriters Pens has another look at the Swan SF1.

A Fool with A Pen writes about The rewards of using vintage fountain pens.

That One Pen writes about the Parker Vacumatic, one of my first vintage pens.

Pens! Paper! Pencils! reviews my favorite pocket notebook, Doane Paper Grids+Lines. Since Doane Paper doesn’t shop outside the US he’s giving one away to a non-US resident. Read the article by Apr 3rd for the giveaway.

Inkdependence! looks at the Wahl-Eversharp Skyliner 50.

Edison Pens has a video showing how the Menlo Pump Filler is made.

Ink Reviews

J. Herbin Rose Cyclamen at The Well-Appointed Desk

Noodler’s 54th Massachusetts at At Fool with a Pen

Kaweco Blue-Black at Pen Paper Ink Letter

Roher & Klingner Verdigris at Pens! Paper! Pencils!

P.W. Akkerman Voorhout Violet at Write to Me Often

Noodler’s Habanero at a Penchant for Paper


There’s a few Giveaways going on…

Pen Chalet is giving away a $50 and a $25 gift card.

Anderson Pens is approaching their 100th podcast episode. where there will be some giveaways. You’ll need to write to them before the episode and be on the chat for their 100th. The details are early in this week’s podcast or in this post.

The Pen Addict’s 100th podcast episode will be this week and giveaways are rumored. So be sure to listen to the upcoming podcast asap.


Sunday Notes and Links

It looks like I’ll be able to compile the weekly links on a regular basis, so I’m back to notes & links.

In good news, my Nock Co. cases arrived. Boy, I have a lot of cases. The quality is great making them a great value. They have almost all (maybe all by now) their Kickstarter cases shipped so I imagine their store will be opening soon.

photo of the Nock Co. cases

I did attend the Long Island Pen Show but it ended up be a quick visit in the afternoon and I left without adding anything to my accumulation. That wasn’t the fault of the show, in fact exactly the opposite. A lot to choose from and too little time to decide. For a nice overview of the show read Ed Jelley’s LI Pen Show recap. Or listen to him talk about it on the Pen Addict Podcast.

My inked pens haven’t changed much. I wrote both the Pelikan Lizard and Esterbrook dry and I’ve yet to replace either of them, so I’m down to eight inked pens. Well, nine actually, with the ninth being a new one I’m using as I write a review of it.

And now for the links…

Zeller Writing Company has a new Kickstarter up for some notebooks, called Furrow Books. There’s just over a month left in the campaign. The creator’s comments include reports of bleed through so they may not be best for wetter fountain pens. Still, they seem worth a look.

The Unroyal Warrant shows off the Nakaya Desk Pen Stand and tried various pens in it.

Speaking of Nakaya, Ed Jelley reviews the Nakaya Neo Standard.

Pens! Paper! Pencil! reviews the Noodler’s Konrad.

My Pen Needs ink writes about Pilot pens and ordering from John Mottishaw. While we picked different nibs both of us got our Pilot 823s from because of the quality and experience.

A Fool With A Pen reviews the Kaweco Special fountain pen.

The Pen Habit has a video highlighting his top 5 pens of the year.

USA Today talks about hand written thank you notes. (Warning – auto play video)

Ink Reviews

Pens! Paper! Pencil! reviews De Atramentis Archive ink.

Inkdependence reviews the Franklin-Christoph Piper Black cartridge.

Sunday Notes and Links

This will be the last “Sunday Notes and Links” post for awhile. Things have gotten busy and probably will be for awhile and I’d rather spend any available time on reviews and similar posts. So today’s links will help you get your future link fix.

I’ve updated my Resources and Links page to include the sites in my feed reader or that I visit regularly.

Some other pen bloggers regularly publish link lists so you should visit them if you don’t already.

The Pen Addict

The Well-Appointed Desk

An Inkophile’s Blog

Gourmet Pens


Sunday Notes and Links

Platinum 3776 Black Ribbed with UEF nibWhile I’ve had nibs worked on at pen shows I just sent some pens out for nib work for the first time. Five pens are off to Mike Masuyama who was due back from Japan last week. My new Lamy 2000 went to tune a scratchy nib, the Sheaffer Balance Aspen went to try and address the skipping problem. Another three went to have some nib grinds done. I’ll miss them. I’m going through withdrawal already.


Ink Nouveau (Goulet Pens) has a video intro to the TWSBI Classic

The Well-Appointed Desk has some advice for unclogging fountain pens

Write to Me Often has a Pelikan 140 Fountain Pen Review

Platinum UEF nib closeupThe Pen Addict reviewed the Platinum 3776 Century UEF nib. The nib has been on my radar and wish list for a while, but in a different pen. I broke down and ordered the pen when this review appeared. It’s arrived and it’s pictured above.

My Pen Needs Ink has a pen wrap giveaway ending soon. While there you can check out the Write Notepads & Co – Notebook Review

Did you know that there’s a South Korean company that licensed the Pilot name for pens they make and are Pilot (the Japanese company) in name only? I didn’t, until I read about it at Crónicas Estilográficas.

That One Pen reviews the Lamy 2000.

FPGeeks announces InCoWriMo will begin February 1st

Ink Reviews

Kaweco Turquoise/Paradise Blue at Gourmet Pens

J. Herbin Bleu Pervenche at Pens! Paper! Pencils!

1670 Rouge Hematite ink at A Fool With A Pen

Pilot Iroshizuku Kiri-Same at Informal Scribble

Private Reserve Blue Suede at The Five Cat PENagerie