Sunday Notes and Links

Karas Customs Ink Fountain Pen uncappedMy favorite pen of the last week was the one that just arrived this week. The Karas Customs Ink with Montblanc Mystery Black is almost through its first converter fill. It’s a big pen, and while it is heavy it isn’t as heavy as its solid steel bar looks make it out to be. I still haven’t used it for longer than about 20 minutes at one time, but I haven’t felt any fatigue.

Some links I found interesting this past week…

Modern Stationer – // I’m trying to make my podcast listening less tech-centric and this looks like a good addition*

Commonplace Book Ideas – The Well-Appointed Desk // Some good journaling ideas

Take a 10 minute survey to win great Pelikan prizes! – FPGeeks // Interesting survey which doesn’t take long to fill out.

Parker Quink Blue Black ink review – Peninkcillin // I don’t see many reviews of this ink. I tried it once myself but wasn’t impressed

M201 – No, It’s Not a Typo – The Pelikan’s Perch

Kaweco ink cartridge giveaway – Pens! Paper! Pencils! // I have a rather large supply of Kaweco cartridges and enjoy the ink. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed if you win.

Epic ink test, R1M6 – Fountain Pen Physicist // Six months, more patience than I have.

Collectible: Peter Pan fountain pen – On Fountain Pens

Anyone for Terry’s? A short review of Cult Pens/Diamine ‘deep dark orange’ – A fool with a pen

Lamy 80 Fountain Pen Review / Lamy 80 Dolmakalem – Write to Me Often // A thinner Lamy 2000

The Basics: Cleaning A Fountain Pen With A Converter – Gourmet Pens

Doane Paper Utility Journal: Large Size — The Gentleman Stationer // I’ve always loved the paper and I’m learning to like the size. I just added a few to my stash.

Visconti Opera Master Demo Fountain Pen – Hey there! SBREBrown // A beautiful pen

The full list of links can be found at fountain pen links.

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Sunday Notes and Links

Rotring 600 Lava and Athena Sepia InkThis week’s favorite fountain pen and ink combo was the Rotring 600 Lava with Athena Sepia ink. Both are new to me. The Rotring 600 has an extremely smooth nib, so smooth I can forgive it for being a medium. The Athena Sepia ink has a nice color and puts down a line true to the nib width.

For a full list of the fountain pen related articles I read this week you can visit Fountain Pen Links. The ones I especially enjoyed are:

Visconti Homo Sapiens Bronze Age Fountain Pen Review – // I love the look of these pens although I prefer the silver trim of the Steel Age.

Sailor Kingdom Note Tanna Japonensis – inklode // A very nice looking green that is unfortunately only available in Japan.

Pen Shows: What To Expect, What To Do – Hey there! SBREBrown // Good video explaining what to expect when going to a pen show

Montblanc 149 Meisterstück Fountain Pen Review – THE UNROYAL WARRANT // Good review of a less than ideal pen and pen purchase.

Faber-Castell Basic Fountain Pen in Carbon Fibre – East…West…Everywhere // My particular FC Basic also had a smooth nib but started leaking so it’s waiting for me to look at it.

Review: Clairefontaine ME Notebooks – The Well-Appointed Desk // I use both digital and paper, yet I’ve skipped any notebooks that try to link the two. These notebooks take a different slant on the linkage.

Doane Paper Utility Notebook Review — The Pen Addict // My favorite pocket notebooks.

Notebooking Strategies — The Gentleman Stationer // I’m still trying to figure this out. I have the work notebook, a scratchpad and recently a journal.

Heart & Soul: A Visit to Write Notepads & Co. – From the Pen Cup // A look at one notebook manufacturer.

Esterbrook J – Thepencilcaseblog // Interesting story of a first Esterbrook purchase

Sunday Notes and Links

Franklin-Christoph Model 66 with R&K Blau-Schwarz

Franklin-Christoph Model 66 with R&K Blau-Schwarz

My favorite this week was my trusty Franklin-Christoph Model 66 with R & K Blau-Schwarz LE. It’s been awhile since I used the pen but it wrote right away as always. I had forgotten what a pleasant writing experience it provides.

I wrote the Sheaffer 300, Omas 360 Vintage and Pelikan Piazza Navone dry this past week and enjoyed them all. None were re-inked since I want to bring so new pens into the rotation. I’ll decide which ones to ink up once I return from today’s Commonwealth Pen Show.

Some links of interest from the past week…

What is a Pen? — Modern Stationer

The Mind and the Fountain Pen – Palimpsest

Morita Fountain Pen Shop – inklode // Nice to see brick & mortar shops thrive, even if it’s a world away (from my pov)

The Cartridge Chronicles – How many pages can you get out of a standard international? – Fountain Pen Physicist

Reevaluate Converters – Edison Pen Company

Review: Pelikan Souverän M101N Red Tortoiseshell SE Fountain Pen – Medium @AppelboomLaren @Pelikan_Company – Gourmet Pens // I have the “Lizard” edition of this pen. I have to say, I don’t really like the look of the Red Tortoiseshell although I’d buy it just for the ink bottle and the packaging.

Monk Paper Lokta Notebooks – Inkdependence!

When Buying Fountain Pens, Splurging (a Little) Is Totally Worth It – WIRED // Preaching to the choir

Edison Beaumont Pneumatic –

Love At First Write: Tomoe River Correspondence Paper – THE PENVENTORY // I’ve been using this paper (but different pads) recently and really love it.

The ‘PF’ & ‘P|N’ Nibs Explained – The Pelikan’s Perch

Lamy Logo Fountain Pen Review – Pen Paper Ink Letter

Pilot Elite fountain pen review – Pens! Paper! Pencils!

Pilot Prera Demonstrator Fountain Pen Review – F Nib – Orange Accents — The Clicky Post

Noodler’s Creaper Flex (by FlexyNibs!) – On Fountain Pens

Ink Reviews

Review: Diamine Oxblood — Alt. Haven

Diamine Prussian Blue ink review – Peninkcillin

review: noodler’s turquoise – ink between the teeth

Like Nature: Montblanc Daniel Defoe Palm Green Ink – From the Pen Cup

J. Herbin Tempête Review – The Pen Enthusiast

Sunday Notes and Links

Pelikan Piazza Navone

Pelikan Piazza Navone and GvFC Hazelnut Brown

This past week seems to be the first time that I haven’t met my goal of published two articles every week this year. (These Sunday notes and the currently inked articles don’t count.) Things are definitely slowing down as life gets in the way. Because I’m still using fountain pens all day, every day, I suspect a large percentage of posts will be pen reviews, at least in the near future.

This week’s favorite fountain pen/ink combo is one of only two unreviewed pens I have inked up (hint, hint). The Pelikan Piazza Navone isn’t a pen I use a lot, not because I don’t like it, but because the broad stub isn’t my best choice for most of the writing I do during the day. This week was different and I got to use the pen for several long writing sessions. It was nice to use it enough to see the ink level drop noticeably during the day.

On to the links…

Cork – Why You Shouldn’t Be Afraid Of It – The Pelikan’s Perch // A new (Aug 2014) site that is developing a wealth of Pelikan information. If I had found the site earlier I would have linked to A Treatise on the Modern Tortoise: 1980 – 2014 « The Pelikan’s Perch so the site gets a second link this week.

Back-To-School Goodies: Clairefontaine “Back To Basics” 1951 Notebook – THE PENVENTORY // I have a couple of these and really like them. But I’m still looking for a reason to use them since it’s not a notebook style I use a lot.

Review: Ryan’s Pen Tray — Alt. Haven // A nice simple pen tray

Luxury Plymouth pen maker to the Queen goes into administration – again – Plymouth Herald // Additional news indicates that all the employees, supplies and equipment are gone and only the name is left to be sold off.

Feeds – Crónicas Estilográficas // I’ve never considered the feed material when buying a pen. The only reason I can see for picking ebonite is that it’s possible to adjust the feed to change the flow. That’s not something I’ve ever done or even considered doing.

Pentrace // Pentrace has changed hands and has a new URL. To be honest I haven’t been to this site in years but it’s time to start visiting it again.

Muji Aluminum Round Fountain Pen – inklode // Muji has had a few reviews lately. Everything seems to be good quality at a reasonable price.

Liking Pens Part II: Can Pens Be An Investment? — The Clicky Post // For me the answer is “no” since I like to use the pen which will inevitably lower it’s value, especially if I add some blemishes. I have bought pens for less than I could probably sell them but I don’t consider that an investment. I also have a few exceptions due to pure luck.

Aurora Afrika Fountain Pen Review – THE UNROYAL WARRANT // This is one of the few pens I’ve seen on this site that I haven’t wanted to run out and get. It’s a nice pen and gets a good review, just not my taste.

Sailor Realo Professional Gear – // I really like the look of these piston pens and their nibs.

Lamy Studio 2014 Special Edition Wild Rubin Overview – Ink Nouveau // Bright red

DDC and Field Notes Fun at American Field — Modern Stationer

NAKAYA – canetas e coisas // Beautiful pen

J. Herbin Tempête Review – The Pen Enthusiast // I didn’t realize J. Herbin made an eyedropper pen

Ink Reviews

Caran d’Ache Magnetic Blue – Inkdependence!

Ink Review – Private Reserve Sepia – Fountain Pen Physicist

J. Herbin Orange Indien, Clairefontaine And A Giveaway – An Inkophile’s Blog

Review: DeAtramentis Apple Blossom Ink – The Well-Appointed Desk

Private Reserve Black Cherry ink review – Pens! Paper! Pencils!

Organics Studio The Real Teal – Ink Review –

Noodler’s Black Swan in Australian Roses – Ink Review – Stationary Journey

Noodler’s Black Swan in English Roses – Ink Review – Stationary Journey

Sunday Notes and Links

Pilot Custom 823 with Montblanc Bordeaux

Pilot Custom 823 with Montblanc Bordeaux

My favorite fountain pen/ink combo this week was my Pilot Custom 823 filled with Montblanc Bordeaux. When I looked at the available pens it’s the one I instinctively reached for.

Some links of interest…

I Challenge You To Write More Letters! – My Pen Needs Ink // A cool idea

Tomoe River Paper Master Post – THE PENVENTORY // I have a couple different Tomoe River notebooks and pads. I really like the paper. This is a nice list of various ways it’s available.

Waterman Charleston – // This reminded me I have too many pens because I do have a yellow Charleston. It didn’t make an impression and I haven’t used it in years. It’s time to pull it out and ink it up.

FABER CASTELL – canetas e coisas // Not what I envision when I think of Faber-Castell.

Liking Pens: Hobby or Obsession? — The Clicky Post // I think I’m a little on the obsession side, but with a ever changing focus. I use fountain pens every day, for just about all types of writing. Brand-wise I’m currently a bit obsessed with Sheaffer.

Ink Reviews

Review: Mont Blanc Daniel DeFoe – The Well-Appointed Desk // My bottle of this ink arrived this week but I’ve yet to open it. I still can’t decide from any reviews if I like the color or not. I’ve got to ink it up.

Ink Review – Maruzen Athena Sepia – Fountain Pen Physicist // Another ink I have a bottle of. I’ve used a dip pen and also swabbed the ink but have yet to ink up a fountain pen. I’ve been debating the best pen for this ink. At it’s price I want to pick carefully.

Caran d’Ache Vibrant Green – Inkdependence!

J. Herbin Vert Pre Review – The Pen Enthusiast

Sunshine Yellow – Diamine Ink Review – Ink of Me Fondly

Ink Review: Diamine Red Dragon – The Gentleman Stationer

Diamine Red Dragon ink review – Peninkcillin

Rohrer&Klingner Verdigris Ink Review – Write to Me Often

Sunday Notes and Links

Edison Menlo - my favorite pen of the week

Edison Menlo with Pelikan Brilliant Brown and a Doane Paper notebook

It was difficult to pick a favorite pen/ink combo this week. I didn’t do much writing and most pens got only a little use. The Omas 360 Vintage LE wrote the most, thanks to the draft of its review. But it was with the two turquoise inks which are less than perfect on the Doane paper I was using. I decided to pick the Edison Menlo with Pelikan Brilliant Brown. It was most suitable to the writing I was doing (note taking) and both the ink and pen made the writing more enjoyable.

Some links of interest…

Backpocket Journal Tomoe River Edition Review — Modern Stationer

Pen Review: Edison Herald in Crushed Shell Acrylic — The Gentleman Stationer

Making of the Edison Double Ended Pearl – Penucopia

The Mystery of the Vanishing Point – The Passionate Penman

Rhodia DotPad Number 38 Review – THE UNROYAL WARRANT

Review: Delta Horsepower – Fine Harmonic Steel – Gourmet Pens

Jinhao X750 revisited – Peninkcillin

The Wonderful Lamy Safari Fountain Pen — The Finer Point

Review: Roterfaden Taschenbegleiter – literambivalence

What’s Your Opinion Of Pen Brands – An Inkophile’s Blog

Review: Noodler’s Ahab Flexible Nib Fountain Pen – The Well-Appointed Desk

Not Soaking Again! – Goodwriterspens’s Blog

Skyline Redux – And All Other Tasks

Pen Review: Sailor 1911 Large – The Pen Habit

Bexley Collaboration (Centennial) –

Currently Inked Pens – September 1st, 2014 – The Pen Enthusiast

ME Journal from Quo Vadis – Pens Paper Inks…Whatever!

Write More Letters in September – My Pen Needs InkMy Pen Needs Ink

Sometimes There’s A Pen: The Ohto Dude + Noodler’s Red-Black – THE PENVENTORY

Ink Reviews

Graf von Faber-Castell Hazelnut Brown – Inkdependence!

J. Herbin Lierre Sauvage Ink Review – The Pen Addict

Diamine Cult Pens Deep Dark Orange ink review – Pens! Paper! Pencils!

Sunday Notes and Links

Sheaffer Crest on Doane PaperPicking a favorite pen & ink this week was a little tough. I really only used two pens – my Omas 360 Vintage LE with De Atramentis Sherlock Holmes ink and my Sheaffer Crest with Sheaffer Peacock Blue ink. Both Combos would lose to some other recent combinations, even though both are solid performers. But I picked the Crest because I love the looks of the pen and it’s a lovely nib. The turquoise ink is growing on me so that went from a negative to a neutral factor.

Things were slow on the quest last week, although I’ve been using my fountain pens more than usual. I just need to get some time to write and take photos.

Hope all of you in the U.S enjoy your Labor Day holiday!

But now onto the links…

Pilot Murex Stainless Steel Fountain Pen – F Nib — The Clicky Post
Kaweco Elite fountain pen review – Pens! Paper! Pencils!
Quo Vadis ME Journal Review – My Pen Needs InkMy Pen Needs Ink
Using The Doxie Flip For Paper Backup (A Review) – The Cramped
Pen Review: Aurora Style – The Pen Habit
Review: RodgersPenBox Handmade Oblique & Straight Dip Nib Holders – Gourmet Pens
What Fountain Pen Inks Give You the Best Value? – Pen Paper Ink Letter
Delta Dolce Vita Oro Oversize vermeil trim –
Bender pneumatic-filler – Vintage Pen News
An Introduction To Brush Pens — The Pen Addict
TWSBI Diamond 580AL – The Newsprint
Review: Kaweco Leather Pen Holder – The Well-Appointed Desk
Deffter Old Writer Tools Notebook Review / Deffter Old Writer Tools Defter İncelemesi – Write to Me Often
Team Wahlnut: The Wahl-Eversharp Skyline Technik Fountain Pen – From the Pen Cup
Tools of the trade: Rediscovering the Pilot Varsity – Quo Vadis Blog
10 Ways to Use Your Pens and Write by Hand More Often – A Penchant for Paper
Pen Review: Edison Pearlette — The Gentleman Stationer
Mood Indigo: The Kaweco Student In Vintage Blue – THE PENVENTORY
Citytrip to The Hague: P.W. Akkerman – The Pencilcase Blog
Pilot Vanishing Point Review – The Pen Enthusiast

Rick Krantz is selling some Esterbrook nibs on the FPGeeks forum. Very good prices. No affiliation on my part but I did buy a Sheaffer from Rick in the past and it was a pleasant sale. If I needed one of the nibs I’d already have placed my order. There’s still a lot left when I checked early Sunday morning (my early – EST)

Ink Reviews

Iroshizuku Fuyu-Syogun – Inkdependence!
Review: Private Reserve Shoreline Gold — Alt. Haven
review: de atramentis pigeon blue – ink between the teeth
Epic ink test – 4.5 months later – Fountain Pen Physicist
P.W. Akkerman #24 Zuiderpark Blauw-Groen Fountain Pen Ink Review – THE UNROYAL WARRANT
Rohrer & Klingner Verdigris ink review – Peninkcillin