Fountain Pen Quest Trail Log – June 12, 2019

It’s been over a month since my last trail log. I’ve been collecting links during this time, so the list is much longer than usual and some of the links are old. But, I figured I might as well keep them in the post rather than spend more time editing.

I did get my apartment packed up and I moved out. That includes packing up all my pens. I took the opportunity to grab some family photos since they are all in one place. Plus, maybe for insurance purposes, although I hope not.

My fountain pen usage continues to be low, mainly a Pilot Vanishing Point that I carry in my shirt pocket, or the Kaweco Brass Sport that I carry in my jeans pocket.



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Fountain Pen Quest Trail Log – May 5, 2019

It’s been a couple of weeks since my last Trail Log. Since then several of my pens have been written dry. Although, this was more coincidence than increased usage. The Platinum 3776 Ribbed was the first to go dry. This surprised me because it was inked with a cartridge just a little one a month before and the UEF nib is stingy with ink. This pen doesn’t have the Platinum slip & seal cap, so evaporation probably claimed more ink than writing did.

The Sailor KOP also went dry but will return soon. The Esterbrook Estie was collecting ink outside the cartridge (seemed to be more creep than leak). It was the factory supplied cartridge, so its life was limited from the beginning. I’ll be switching to an Esterbrook nib soon enough. Finally, the Aurora Optima was written dry.

I haven’t inked, or re-inked, any replacements to force me to the 10 pens I still have inked.

I’m done selling pens, at least for now. I ended up selling 35 pens, although I did add one. (I replaced the Tortoise Estie with an Evergreen Estie). I did withdraw one pen, the Pelikan M101N Lizard, to avoid an anticipated severe case of seller’s remorse. Of the pens I offered for sale, the M101N is the only pen I truly felt that I would miss and regret selling, despite it not having been used for a couple of years.

My pen accumulation reached two milestones, at least I think they’re milestones. My accumulation dropped below 100 pens, and I’ve now sold, given away or lost more pens than I currently have.

I’ve been moving more toward cartridges, although I’ve found that pens I like to use are either piston fillers or use a proprietary cartridge. So I did order some new ink cartridges and sort through the ones I have. It’s not a lot, and most are shown below. The new cartridges were mainly restocked proprietary cartridges along with two new Montblanc colors (Emerald Green & Spider Grey).


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For Sale: Field Notes

All Field Notes in this post have been sold.

I came across a couple boxes of paper as I was packing to move. Paper is heavy so I’m clearing out some Field Notes that I know I’ll never use. U.S. shipping is included in the price. I’ll only ship within the U.S. for these notebooks.

All are sealed 3-packs unless otherwise noted,

If you’re interested, reach me using [ray [@]] or the contact form here.

Click the image for a larger photo.

Field Notes FN-01b Red Blooded, Sealed 3 Pack – $39 (SOLD)

Field Notes Coal x DDC Limited Edition Sealed 3 pack plus 2 loose notebooks (5 notebooks total) – $49 (SOLD)

Field Notes FNC-24 Unexposed, 1 sealed 3-pack & 1 opened 3 pack – $35 (SOLD)

Field Notes FNC-19 Night Sky, sealed 3-pack – $35 (SOLD)





For Sale: 2 Pelikans and 1 Waterman


These three pens have the distinction of meeting my requirements to be sold (unused for over two years) but I found an excuse not to sell them on my first pass. After additional consideration, I decided to go ahead and sell them.
The photos in this post are all current. Feel free to contact me with any questions, although the first firm “I want it” gets the pen.
If you’re interested, reach me using “ray [@]” or use the contact form here. U.S. shipping is included in the price (USPS Priority Mail). International shipping is available but very expensive (I require insurance and tracking), contact me for details.

Pelikan M620 Cities Series Piccadilly Circus, Medium 18K Gold Nib – $300 (SOLD)


Excellent condition. No box or paperwork. A signature is required for delivery unless you opt-out of the signature.

Waterman Liaison Cobra, Fine 18K Gold Nib – $175 (SOLD)


Excellent condition. This is a strange pen, which appeals to me. The end of the pen twists like a piston knob, but instead, it releases the section/converter which is lowered out of the pen. The converter is included with the pen. No box or paperwork is included. A signature is required for delivery unless you opt-out of the signature. I reviewed this pen back in February 2013, the review is here.

Pelikan M101N Lizard, Extra Fine 14K Gold Nib – $375 (Withdrawn)


Excellent condition. This is the model released in 2013, not the vintage M101N that this pen was a homage to. No box or paperwork, just the pen. A signature is required for delivery unless you opt-out of the signature. I reviewed this pen here.

If you’re interested, reach me using [ray [@]] or use the contact form here.

Fountain Pen Quest Trail Log – April 21, 2019

I started journaling again this week, so there was a slight uptick in my fountain pen usage. But, it has still been relatively low.

I did ink up another pen, despite not writing any dry. I’ve been missing having a Pilot Vanishing Point handy, so I popped a Pilot Black cartridge into an XXXF nib unit and put it in the Guilloche Vanishing Point body.

I did order a bottle of ink, although it hasn’t arrived yet. As I’ve mentioned, my favorite ink is Montblanc Bordeaux, which is long out of production. I finished a bottle several months ago and I’ve yet to replace it. I’ve been setting a target price where I’d buy a replacement bottle if I find it for that price or less. My current target is $30. That would surely go up when I open my last bottle. I happened to stumble upon a bottle on eBay. A small eBay coupon brought it below my target so I bought it. It’s listed as unopened so I’m hopeful. One thing I’ll mention, I’ve found that “Montblanc Bordeaux” listings on eBay are often Montblanc Burgundy, as in this listing, so be sure to check the photos.

A couple months ago I mentioned that I wanted to use my Esterbrook Dip-Less pen but couldn’t find the inkwells. Well, they turned up this week. All safely wrapped and packed in an unlabeled box. Of course, they’ve turned up when the apartment is in disarray as I prepare to move in a month, so I kept them safely packed away, although now in a labeled box.

Esterbrook Dip-Less inkwell and pen

My fountain pen declutter is coming to a close, at least temporarily. More because I’ll be moving at the end of May and have other things to do, rather than I’m down to a reasonable number of pens. I’ll post two or three final pens for sale Monday morning. They’re pens that met my criteria to sell, but I found an excuse to keep them. After more consideration, two of them have no chance of breaking into my rotation as they never got significant use. The third, the Pelikan M101N Lizard I really do like and got a lot of use until it fell off my radar about three years ago. It’s the one pen I fear will cause me severe seller’s remorse.

I did put a Levenger Circa Folio Junior up on eBay for auction. If you’re interested you can find the auction at this link, which lists all my auctions. The Folio auction ends Friday about noon eastern time.

I just finished reading “The Woman Who Smashed Codes”. (Actually, I listened to the audiobook.) Excellent book and highly recommended. it’s the story of Elizabeth Friedman, a pioneer in the field of cryptanalysis. Not heavy on the science of codebreaking. Also an interesting look at life in those times. Her husband is known as the man who broke the Japanese Purple cipher. What I didn’t know (among many other things) is that she broke the German Enigma machine without help from Bletchley Park.


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