This Just In: Franklin-Christoph Model 29 Bellus

Franklin-Christoph Model 29 in it box

One of two pens waiting for me when I arrive home last night was the Franklin-Christoph Model 29 Bellus. I ordered the fine steel nib from among the myriad of choices. Part of me felt I should try one of the kore exotic nib choices. It’s nie to see a manufacturer offer a wide variety of stock nibs. The pen is black lacquer with rhodium plated trim. I picked fire-engine red for the clip ring to add a splash of color.

The cap is attached to the pen via a magnet, both when covering the nib and when posting. I’m not yet sure if I like the magnetic cap. I’m a little concerned the cap could come loose too easily. We’ll see.

While I don’t typically post my pens when writing, I probably will with this one. The cap posts securely and I like the balance better than when not posted. But this is just a first impression so it’s take some writing to see if my opinion changes.

There’s significant engraving on the pen, including what Franklin-Christoph calls their “Paradox Pattern”. I like the look of this pen. The engraving isn’t overwhelming and I thinbk the pen has a classy look. It’s heavier than my other recent acquisitions, but not too heavy and with a solid feel.

The pen is a cartridge/converter fill and uses standard international cartridges. For the first ink I’ll be using Rohrer & Klingner Schreibtinte (Blue-Schwarz). It’s a limited edition ink that I’ve yet to use. It seems appropriate for this classy pen. Because of the engraving near the nib I’ll be inking directly to the cartridge rather than dipping the nib into the bottle. Cleaning the ink from the engraving could be a pain.

I’ll have a full review and more pictures once I’ve used the pen for a while. But my first impression is that this pen will be the start of a Franklin-Christoph addiction.