This Week’s Ink – Sept 2, 2012

Picture on this week's inked pens
This week’s daily carry

I typically sort through my pens on Sunday and ink up 7 of them for the week ahead, Six of them go in my Franklin-Christoph Penvelope 6 case which travels in my computer bag. The seventh goes in my shirt pocket.

The theme this week ended up being “new”. Four of the pens are new. While I typically use Waterman Florida Blue as the first ink in my pens I decided to use some of my new ink so there’s 4 new inks in the mix.

The pens are pictured from left to right:

  1. Edison Pearl 2012 LEE is an ebonite pen with a fine steel nib The ink is J. Herbin Lie de The (Tea Brown). This is a new ink for me.
  2. Franklin-Christoph Model 66 Stabilis Desk Pen with an extra fine steel nib. The ink is the De Atramentis Robert Louis Stevenson. In addition to being a new ink and ink brand for me this has to be one of the longest ink names I’ve ever used.
  3. Franklin-Christoph Model 29 Bellus with a fine steel nib. The ink brand is also new to me – Rohrer & Klingner Schreibtinte (Blue-Schwarz).
  4. Pilot Vanishing Point Charcoal Marble 2012 LE with a fine 18k gold, rhodium plated nib. It’s filled with Mont Blanc Racing Green ink.
  5. Edison Nouveau Premiere LE is another ebonite pen. It’s got a fine steel nib and Diamine Ancient Copper ink. This is another new ink brand for me.
  6. Caran D Ache Ivanhoe is the old pen of the bunch, having added it to my accumulation in November 2003. Nothing about this pen is on my checklist of what I look for in a pen. yet this pen remains one of my favorites. It has a fine 18kt gold, rhodium plated nib and is filled with J. Herbin Violette Pensee ink.
  7. The Pilot Vanishing Point Matte Black “Stealth” has been my pocket pen since I got it back in March. It’s got a fine 18kt gold, rhodium plated nib. It’s filled with Pilot black ink in a cartridge. I use cartridges in this for the capacity and the ease of re-inking when I’m away from home.

I don’t typically have so many new pens being added to the mix and this will become apparent in the upcoming weeks. I also typically have at least one wider nib in the mix but decided to go the new pens.