Fountain Pen Quest Trail Log #1

Picture of my ink drawer
iPhone photo of my ink drawer

Welcome to the inaugural edition of the Fountain Pen Quest Trail Log. The Trail Log is where I recap the past month, provide any updates to previous posts, and discuss my plans for the month ahead. I might also bring up short topics not worthy of a separate post.

New Pens

A trio of new pens were added to my accumulation in August. One July pen also saw ink for the first time. The Edison Nouveau Premiere LE is my latest ebonite pen. Ebonite is easily my favorite pen material. So far it’s lived up to my expectations. The Franklin-Christoph Model 29 reinforced my infatuation with F-C pens. It’s a reasonably priced pen with unique design elements. The Pilot Vanishing Point 2012 LE is my fifth Vanishing Point so I obviously like this practical pen.

The F-C Model 66 Desk Pen arrived in July but I just got around to inking it this month. All these pens were just inked so I haven’t formed a solid opinion on them. I’ve used the Model 66 the most, writing the first draft of this post with it. So far all the pens have left a favorable first impression.

September Plans

As the picture of my ink drawer shows, I’ve got plenty of inks to try out. Four of this week’s pens have new ink so I’m off to a good start. I’ve already found one, Diamine Ancient Copper, that I’ve added to my wish list since I only had a sample. My problem will be that I’ll like them all.

I like the Franklin-Christoph pens so much that I’m ready to pull the trigger and buy two more in September. I also plan to expand my nib choices by getting a stub or italic (or both) with these purchases.

It’s about time I converted one of my pens to an eyedropper filler. This should be any easy conversion since I have several pens designed for the conversion. I just need to decide which one.

Pen Photography

As part of this blog I want to include my own photos. This is one area where I need to practice an improve. So I’ll be working on this in September and hopefully the September pictures will be better than the August ones.

That about wraps up the first Trail Log.