September 2012 Ink Drop

This month’s ink drop from Goulet Pens arrived yesterday. Of the five inks I expect to try out three of them soon.

Diamine Apple Glory – I like green inks and this is a vibrant green ink that seems to match the color of my Lamy Safari Apple Green pen. Here’s a review on the Fountain Pen Network (FPN).

Noodler’s Liberty’s Elysium – a vibrant, saturated blue ink. Blue inks don’t excite me very much but this one stood out thanks to the vibrancy in the pictures I’ve seen. Since it’s blue I probably wouldn’t have tried it out, but I’m happy to have a sample. A FPN review is here.

Noodler’s El Lawrence – I’m not sure what color this is, brown or green? or mud? But I like it. It will probably be the first of the batch that I try out. Here’s a FPN review.

The other two inks are scented inks, which doesn’t appeal to me. It depends whether or not I detect the scent when writing. De Atramentis Sandalwood is a green ink and De Atramentis Dianthus is a purple ink. While I oftern use purple ink for margin notations I’m not in the market for a new brand or shade.


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