This Just In: Franklin-Christoph Model 25 Eclipse

The Franklin-Christoph Model 25 Eclipse is my third Franklin-Christoph pen. I added this pen to my accumulation for several reasons. I like the F-C pens I already have. They’ve been great writers with unique designs I like at a fair price. This pens unique design continues that tradition. They also have a wide range of nibs for their pens and I want to expand my nib collection. While there are other ways of doing this why not add a pen at the same time?

The pen is made of acrylic and rhodium plated brass. It’s got a small threaded cap that covers the partially hooded nib. The cap is designed to “post” under the clip. I picked a medium (.9mm) stub nib for this pen. The pen is a cartridge/convertor.

The hooded nib on the F-C Model 25 Eclipse
The hooded nib

The pen is designed to be carried nib down, making it unique among the pens in my accumulation. Since ink in the cap is such an obvious concern, I suspect F-C has considered that and cap ink will be no worse than my other pens.

The first fill for this pen was Aurora Black My daily carry lacked a black ink and I like having a black ink in the mix. Aurora Black is also an ink I’m familiar with and I wanted something familiar since this is a new nib style for me. Because of the hooded nib I filled the convertor directly from the bottle then put it in the pen.

I generally prefer bigger pens as daily writers which did make me hesitate on this pen. But after a brief try-out I find it comfortable to write with and don’t expect any problems using it  for longer writing sessions. The stub nib is nice and smooth.

I’m looking forward to using this pen.