This Just In: Franklin-Christoph Model 02 Intrinsic

Photo of my Franklin-Christoph Model 25 Intrinsic
Emerald Green Franklin-Christoph Model 25 Intrinsic Fountain Pen

My second Franklin-Christoph pen of the week, and fourth overall, is the Franklin-Christoph Model 02 Intrinsic in Emerald Green with a medium italic nib. While not specifically listed for this pen, it appears the F-C medium italic nibs are .8mm.

Like the other F-C pens, I picked it for its quality and unique design. The italic nib is a first for my accumulation.

The F-C website calls this its flagship pen and lists the following specs:

  • .540″ upper barrel diameter
  • .420″ lower barrel diameter
  • 5.591″ capped length
  • 5.54″ cap posted length (including nib)
  • 4.942″ barrel length (including nib)
  • Made of hard acrylic with numerous steel or gold nib choices.

You’ll notice that the posted and not posted lengths have just over a half-inch difference. The tapered barrel sits deeply inside the cap when posted.

There was a difference between the website pictures and what I envision emerald green to be. The pictures showed a darker pen than I would expect to be called emerald green. I wanted the color in the picture and I was happy that was the color that arrived. It’s a dark pen that turns to black in some areas. It’s translucent in spots when held up to the light. The shading is great.

photo of the Model02 italic nib
The Franklin-Christoph Model 02 Medium Italic Nib

I picked an italic nib for this pen which is a first for me. For it”s first ink I picked another personal first, choosing De Atrementis Black Edition Black-Green ink.It’s a nice dark green ink.

I’m looking forward to using the new pen, nib and ink.

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    • Hi ashokdad, I bought it new, it is the old style. I just bought the new style in Smoke & Ice. There are some subtle design difference too, although only really noticeable when side by side. I haven’t used the new one enough to comment on difference, but the threads never bothered me on the original and nothing jumped out as obviously different.

      Thanks for reading,

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