This Just In: Stipula Model T

Photo of the Stipula Model T on a mirror
The Green Stipula Model T

My third pen and nib type of the week is the Stipula Model T in Green resin. It was also my first fountain pen purchased on eBay. I added this pen to my accumulation because of the unique nib design and because I really like the design of the green pen. It’s a black and green mix, rather than a solid green.

I had seen the Stipula Model T while browsing the internet and found it at a really good price (too good?) with free shipping on eBay but had not bought it. In addition to my eBay trepidation in general, it was offered by a seller in Malaysia. So there was also the concern about import/customs hassles. Then I was listening to the FPGeeks podcast and one of them mentioned they had bought a Stipula from what sounded like the same seller. I ordered the pen before the podcast finished. The seller, redfingerprint, shipped it within hours and it arrived two days later

The pen comes with a cartridge, converter, and eye dropper for three filling choices. I’ll start off using the convertor to make changing inks easier. If the pen becomes a regular I’ll try it as an eyedropper.

photo of the Stipula Model T nib

I’m starting off with Mont Blanc Bordeaux. Since the nib is new to me, a “one size fits all” titanium nib, I want an ink I’m familiar with.

It was a bit of a hassle getting the pen going. The section was screwed tight and I was afraid I’d break the pen. Eventually, and with a rubber pad to assist griping, I was able to open the section. Then the convertor was a tight fit. The convertor is actually labelled with the Stipula logo, it’s been awhile since I’ve seen anything other than a generic cartridge. There seems to be some vary tight tolerances on this pen.

The initial test (the first draft of this article) is promising. The pen is comfortable to hold and write with. I use pens unposted and the Model T is comfortable unposted. The cap is light, so the pen is still well balanced when posted.

I typically use fine nibs with a light touch, so playing with the pressure to get some line variation is new to me, but it’s fine to try with this nib. So far the green Stipula Model T is another fine addition to my accumulation.

4 thoughts on “This Just In: Stipula Model T

  1. I bought this pen from the same eBay seller. Fast shipping! I chose the graphite (black & white swirls). It took me a little while to install the converter, it’s quite a secure fit. I have it loaded with a mix of Waterman Purple & Florida Blue (aka “Blurple” a term coined by Richard Binder). It’s a wonderful pen!

    • @Dave – The graphite was nice too. Good choice. I’ll have to try that blurple color. And yea, I was really afraid I’d break something attaching the convertor.

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