This Week’s Ink – Sept. 16, 2012

Photo of this week's carry
This week’s daily carry

It’s another Sunday and time to pick some pens and ink for the week ahead.

Only three pens are held over from last week. Another three are new pens that arrived last week. So from left to right the pens are:

  1. Edison Nouveau Premiere LE is an ebonite pen. It’s got a fine steel nib and Diamine Ancient Copper ink. Another holdover from last week.
  2. Caran D Ache Ivanhoe is another holdover from last week. It has a fine 18kt gold, rhodium plated nib and is filled with J. Herbin Violette Pensee ink.
  3. Franklin-Christoph Model 25 Eclipse. This is a new pen that arrived last week. It’s got a .9mm stub nib and is filled with Aurora Black ink.
  4. Franklin-Christoph Model 02 Intrinsic also arrived last week. It’s got a medium italic nib and Waterman blue-black ink.
  5. Stipula Model T. The third new pen. It’s filled with Montblanc Bordeaux.
  6. Conway Stewart Marlborough Vintage with a medium nib. It’s filled with Diamine Ancient Copper.
  7. Pilot Vanishing Point Charcoal Marble 2012 LE with a fine 18k gold, rhodium plated nib. It’s filled with Mont Blanc Racing Green ink. This is my pocket pen.

I had some problems with the Franklin-Christoph Model 02. But I have to admit I didn’t clean the new pen first so that may have had something to do with it, rather than the De Atramentis Black Edition Green ink or the pen itself. I flushed it out and refilled with Waterman Blue-Black and it’s been fine.

These are my daily carries but I’ve got some additional pens inked up too, the complete list is below.

List of currently inked pens
Samples of my currently inked pens