Ink Notes: Rohrer & Klingner Limited Edition Blau-Schwarz

Photo of a Rohrer & Klingner Blau-Schwarz bottle
A bottle of Rohrer & Klingner Blau-Schwarz

The Rohrer & Klingner Schreibtinte Limited Edition Blau-Schwarz is a blue-black released, as the name implies, in a limited edition. One thousand numbered bottles were distributed. To be honest, I have no idea if 1,000 bottle is a small, medium or large batch. The numbering of the bottles seems to be unique for inks. I have #132 and #140. While the box is “special” for the ink it’s interesting, but nothing special. I’ve read the the design actually damaged some of the bottle labels during shipping but mine were fine.

So far I’ve only run the ink through three pens, although only two got extensive use. Two Franklin-Christoph pens saw the extensive use – a Model 29 with a fine nib and a Model 66 with an extra fine nib. The third pen is the Bexley 2007 Owner’s Club with a stub nib. Pen specific notes are listed below.

The ink is great and I suspect it will always be available in at least one of my pens until my supply runs out. What I like:

  • A nice dark blue-back with good saturation, Not too much, what I would consider perfect.
  • Flow has bee great in the pens. It does not evaporate quickly off the nib. I can lay the uncapped pen by the pad for several minutes and it’s ready to write when I pick it up.
  • Easy to clean. So far all any pen has needed is a couple flushes with the ear syringe and all traces of the ink are gone. Unlike so other inks which take multiple flushes to remove any trace of the ink.
  • No feathering or bleed-through on most of the papers I’ve tried (Doane, Rhodia, generic copy paper). A little bleed through using the stub nib on a Field Notes Memo Book.
  • The ink could be mistaken for a black. Considering I like black inks, but not blues, I consider this a benefit.

What I don’t like:

  • It’s expensive. I couldn’t say whether the added cost is justified to amortize the cost of making the ink over just 1,000 bottles or if the price is inflated. It cost a 66% premium over the typical R&K ink price ($20 compared to $12). Still, I wouldn’t return it if I could and wouldn’t sell the second bottle for twice the amount. Blue-black inks run the gamut, but for me this would be the perfect blue-black ink.

Pens Used

Franklin-Christoph Model 66 Desk pen w/extra-fine nib: No skipping, no false starts. I left the pen uncapped 5 minutes and it wrote immediately when I picked it up. The ink drys in about 2 seconds.

[Updated: March 1, 2014] I converted the Model 66 to an eyedrop filler in November 2012. The R&K Blau-Schwarz LE has been in the inkl from that time until February 27, 2014 when it went empty and I decided to clean it out rather than refill. The pen was used consistently during that time, maybe sitting unused for two weeks at most, but usually used several times a week. I simply refilled it when needed.

There was never a problem writing, no hard starts or skipping. When it cam time to clean the pen after more than a year of constant inking it cleaned easily, with no signs of staining. (Although I must admit, due to the color any stains deep inside the barrel might be hard to see.)

A very well behaved ink I wish was not a limited edition.

Franklin-Christoph Model 29 w/fine nib: No skipping, no false starts. I left the pen uncapped and it wrote immediately. The ink drys in about 2 seconds.

Bexley 2007 Owner’s Club w/stub nib: Numerous false starts but this may be the pen since the ink flows well with the fine nibs. The ink takes 20 – 25 seconds to dry enough to avoid smudges.

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  1. Pelikan Edelstein Tanzanite is really close to R&K Blau Schwarz. Almost identical, but maybe slightly more greenish.

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