Ink Notes: Montblanc Racing Green

photo of a bottle of Montblanc Racing Green ink
Montblanc Racing Green bottle

I haven’t used Montblanc Racing Green ink in years. I have memories of liking it, and the fact that I have two bottles seemed to back that up. But after inking up my fine nib’d Vanishing Point and writing with it I began to wonder why.

It’s a very dark green, more a black-green and a fine nib doesn’t really show it in the best light. It looks almost grey, with no shading. It’s a dry writer with the fine nib but the flow is good and consistent.

After being disappointed with the ink from a fine nib I inked up a broad nib’d Vanishing Point. This was much better. The ink was wetter going onto the paper although not so wet that there would be bleed-through.

With the broad nib it takes about 15 seconds to dry on Rhodia paper and about half that on Doane paper. The fine nibs dries in a couple seconds.

The ink definitely has a black look to it, in most room light it looks more black than green, the green hidden until under direct light. The ink flows well and dries quickly. It’s better with a wider nib. I wouldn’t put this in my top ink list. It’s been discontinued by Montblanc, but my two bottles are probably a lifetime supply for me.

On the plus side it’s a very well behaved ink. It flows well and hasn’t shown any bleed through on the paper I’ve used. There is some show through on Field Notes memo books but it’s less than most inks I use.

Pens Used

Pilot Vanishing Point Fine Nib – I’m not impressed with the color on the thin line this pen lays down. On the other hand it’s a well behaved ink that writes consistently well and dries in about 2 seconds on most paper.

Pilot Vanishing Point Broad Nib – There’s more color with the wider nib. Drying time is about 15 seconds on Rhodia paper and about 8 seconds on Doane paper.

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