Ink Notes: Montblanc Bordeaux

Photo of a bottle of Montblanc Bordeaux ink
Montblanc Bordeaux Ink

Montblanc Bordeaux has been a long time favorite of mine. Part of this may be that it was one of the first non-blue or black inks that I tried and really liked. Unfortunately it’s no longer made. Fortunately I still have 2 1/2 bottles.

I’ve never had any flow problems with the ink. Although, in a few pens it’s been dry. Not dry enough to cause skipping or other problems, but it seemed to struggle to keep up. It’s got OK saturation but isn’t a bright ink and it tends to fade a bit over time.

I can’t really compare it to other inks. It was my first bordeaux and I didn’t bother looking at similar inks. I did stop using it for awhile. No particular reason, it just stopped finding its way into my pens. But I pulled out the bottle a couple months ago and have been using it since.

The major drawback to the ink is that it fades over time. In some cases it gives the writing a nice antique look. But if I pull out some of my older writings they are outright faded.

Overall, I still like the ink and I’m glad I re-discovered it.