This Week’s Ink – Oct. 7, 2012

Photo of this week's pen
The pens in this week’s daily carry.

It’s Sunday, that means picking and inking pens for the week ahead. A lot of turnover this weej since I decided not to refill a pen when it went dry, no matter how much I like writing with it.

So this week’s pens are:

  1. Sailor 1911 Sterling Silver with a medium nib and J. Herbin 1670 Rouge Hematite ink.
  2. Franklin-Christoph Model 02 Intrinsic with a medium italic nib and Waterman blue-black ink.
  3. Stipula Model T with Montblanc Bordeaux ink. It’s the pen I’m using to write the draft of this article.
  4. Gate City New Dunn with a medium nib and Noodler’s Apache Sunset. This is the “Tattler” version and I think the Apache Sunset ink looks cool in it.
  5. Sailor Pro Gear Imperial Black with a fine nib and Scribal Work Shop Kraken Black ink. This is a new ink, so also new to me.
  6. Bexley Imperial with a fine nib and J. Herbin Lierre Sauvage ink. Finally an ebonite pen back in the rotation.
  7. Franklin-Christoph Model 29 with a fine nib a J. Herbin Lie De The ink. This is my pocket pen for the week.While not as easy to “uncap” as the Vanishing Point, the magnetic cap does make it easy to open and start writing.

Five pens from last week were returned to the pen case. The F-C Model 66 was benched so that other pens would have a chance. I would use it almost exclusively when I was home.

I finally used up all the purple ink in the Caran d Ache Ivanhoe. I like the pen, but it’s a little thin for my tastes and not suited for long writing sessions. But the nib puts down a nice thin line when small lettering is necessary.

The Conway Stewart Marlborough Vintage is a lever filler with a small ink supply, so it never lasts very long. The pen had some feed problems but I’m hoping the last minor adjustment cleared thing up. It’ll be back soon.

The Franklin-Christoph Model 25 was replaced because it was the first F-C to go dry and I was a little Franklin-Christoph heavy. But it will hard to keep it’s stub nib un-inked.

Finally, the Pilot Vanishing Point was benched despite it’s suitability as a pocket pen. It’s a little strange to not be carrying a Vanishing Point.

I have too many pens so I have to get used to swapping out pens I like if I want to be able to use all my pens. I do tell myself I’ll only accumulate pens that I will use.