Fountain Pen Quest Trail Log #3: October Edition

I managed to get through the month of October without buying a new fountain pen. I did buy a broad nib for my Lamy Safari pens, but I don’t count that nib only purchase as a pen purchase. It was tough not to buy one of the new Pilot Vanishing Points in Gun Metal with Black trim. It’s only a matter of time, but for now I’m telling myself I don’t need another Vanishing Point. So far it’s working, mainly because it’s true. But it’s only a matter of time before I come up with a reason to add one to my accumulation. Maybe a new nib style (for me) from Richard Binder.

My carry pens throughout October were uncharacteristically consistent. Only three pens I started the month with don’t hav any ink today. I didn’t add any carry pens during the month. There were a couple reasons for this.

First, I re-inked a couple pens with different inks during the month. I had Scribal Work Shop Kraken ink in a couple pens and I didn’t like the writing performance of the ink. So I refilled the pens with different ink to be sure it wasn’t the pens. It wasn’t. Too bad, I liked the color and really wanted to like the ink.

Another reason was that my Gate City New Dunn pen holds a lot of ink. I’ve taken a liking to this pen, especially when it’s filled with Noodler’s Apache Sunset ink. It’s the pen and ink I’m using to write the draft of this article. The ink looks great inside the pen, as it does on the paper too. At least in my opinion.

In November I hope to get back to trying some new inks. I just have to break the grip of Apache Sunset in the New Dunn.