Ink Notes: J Herbin Lierre Sauvage

I’ve had a sample of J. Herbin Lierre Sauvage ink around for awhile. I finally got around to giving it a try. I had enough to completely fill two pens with a few drops for a third.

I like the color of the ink, a nice bright green with good saturation, at least compared to other greens I’ve been using recently. It was a little slow to dry, about 15 to 20 seconds so there was some accidental smudging but the drying time really isn’t a problem since I’m a righty. There was shading from both pens, although it was more noticeable with the medium nib.

The Bexley Imperial with a steel fine nib handled the ink well. Flow was consistent, without any hesitation or false starts. There was some noticeable shading with the ink. There wasn’t any feathering or bleed through on the papers I used which range from generic copy paper to Rhodia dot pads. The ink was easy to clean from the pen, taking only a couple minutes and only two flushes from my ear syringe.

The Sailor 1911 with a 21kt. medium nib also handled the ink well. Despite being a medium nib puts down a line on the thin side of medium. Despite this, there’s some nice shading with the ink, more so than the fine nib. No noticeable feathering or bleed through on the papers I used.

The Pilot Vanishing Point with a 18k gold needlepoint (XXXF) binderized specialty nib got the leftover drops. Despite the notoriously small convertor capacity it was less than half full when I filled it using a syringe. This was the first ink for the nib so it should be nicely tuned. It took a bit to saturate the feed but once it was the ink flow was pretty good. The ink was also easily flushed from this pen.

As a final note, cleaning the ink out of the sample vial was also extremely easy. The ink had been in there awhile and it’s not always easy to clean, especially off the inside of the cap.

I like the ink and would consider buying a bottle. But I’m holding off for now. I have a lot of inks to try and this ink doesn’t quit rise to the “must have” level.

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