This Week’s Ink – Nov. 25, 2012

Photo of pens inked for the week ahead

Even though it was a short work week, with less writing than usual, there have been some changes from last week.

  1. Pilot Vanishing Point (Matte Black) with my new .6mm stub nib. The nib arrived last week and I filled it with Diamine Ancient Copper.
  2. Gate City New Postal with a fine nib and Pelikan Brilliant Black Ink. This didn’t get much use the past week. It’s a nice writer and its huge ink capacity means it will be around awhile.
  3. Franklin-Christoph Model 02 Intrinsic with a medium italic nib and Waterman blue-black ink. While I like this pen I still haven’t been drawn to pull it from my case for quite a while.
  4. Sailor 1911 (Burgundy) with 21kt gold medium nib. It’s filled with J. Herbin Lierre Sauvage ink.
  5. Waterman Edson with a fine nib and Waterman Florida Blue ink
  6. Sailor Pro Gear Imperial Black with a fine nib and a Sailor black cartdridge.
  7. Pilot Vanishing Point (Gunmetal w/Matte Black Trim) with a needlepoint (XXXF) nib. Both are new arrivals this week and filled with J. Herbin Morinda ink.

It was finally time to retire the New Dunn pen and give another pen a chance. The additions were my two newly arrived nibs.

My Favorite Pen/Ink Combo From the Past Week

Pilot VP Matte Black
Pilot VP with .6mm stub nib and Diamine Ancient Copper ink

Most of the appeal for this pen was the new stub nib. A first for my Vanishing Point accumulation. Diamine Ancient Copper is also among my favorite inks.