Sunday Ink Notes – December 9, 2012

I’ve done away with the “This Week’s Ink” Sunday posts, at least for now. There hasn’t been much turnover recently and I’ve changed the way I carry and ink my pens. I now ink more pens, but I only pick two pens in the morning to carry with me for the day. The first is always a “writing pen” with black, blue or some other business appropriate color. The second pen varies. I also keep a few Lamys at work in colors appropriate for notations so that I don’t have to carry a red or other bright colored pen just for that purpose.

Because I’m basically lazy and don’t remove the pens from my bag when I get home I carried my Franklin-Christoph Model with a medium italic nib and Waterman Florida Blue ink along with my Gate City New Postal with Pelikan Brilliant Black ink and a fine nib.

I also inked my four Edison pens with some brown inks and have been alternating their use at home. I picked the Edisons for this since their nibs are similar. Oh yea, I REALLY like writing with them which is also a good reason. I’ve been using Diamine Ochre, Private Reserve Ebony Brown and Diamine Golden Brown. Four pens, three inks? Yup, user error but I decided to go with it.

I decided to go with the Edison pen method because I just don’t have the patience to sit down and try various brown inks. Instead I need to use them in normal use. For the most part I switch pens after writing each complete page. By my own count I have samples of 14 different brown inks to run through so this will take awhile, even if I don’t decide to try a different color family along the way.

Some links around the web caught my attention recently:

Anderson Pens and Edison Pens are collaborating on a limited edition bulb filler. I really like the ebonite model but I have to show some restraint. The question is whether or not my willpower will last until January 7th when orders close.

I came across this post by Okami on the FPGeeks forum about the Levenger Circa system. She has several good pen related ideas for using the Junior version of the system. Also, I hadn’t realized that there’s now Rhodia paper for the Circa. I tried Circa long ago as a general purpose notebook but found the notebooks didn’t like the abuse I gave them while traveling. I may have to consider them for other purposes or invest in an enclosed binder.

FPGeeks is having an ink sample giveaway so check it out before December 12th. I already have too many ink samples so I didn’t enter. But the contest did make me look to see what I got this year. I have over 100 different inks listed in my spreadsheet. Not all are from this year, but I did discover samples this year. So it’s safe to say all 70 samples arrived this year. This is why I’m not renewing my ink drop membership into 2013. Too many inks, too little time. They have a second giveaway which doesn’t interest me either. Visit the site to learn about the Montegrappa Expressione giveaway.

Finally, @edisonpenco tweated a link to an article (obsolete link) about American Pen Maker Bexley. Nice article. I was surprised to read that there’s only three employees (owner included). I realize they’re a small pen maker but figured there were more people involved.