Ink Notes: Noodler’s Apache Sunset

Noodler’s Apache Sunset became one of my favorite inks the first time I used it. Even though I tend to use thin nibs the shading abilities of this ink do show through. I haven’t experienced any feathering in my use.

This ink was made for my Gate City New Dunn pen, “Tattler” edition with a medium nib. I love the way the ink appears in the barrel. Because the pen comes apart so easily cleanup is a breeze, just remove both ends and flush water through. The ink also easily flushed out of the feed with just a couple flushes. The ink doesn’t appear as red on the paper as it does in the pen, where it almost looks to be a blood red.

So far the New Dunn pen is the only pen I’ve put this ink in.

Gate City New Dunn Pen photo
Gate City Pen New Dunn with Noodler’s Apache Sunset

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