Ink Notes: Diamine Ancient Copper

Overall I really like this brown ink and copper is a good name for this ink. It flows well, doesn’t feather or bleed through on all the papers I used, from cheap copy paper to Rhodia  pads. The color really depends on the nib used and I tend to use thinner nibs so I don’t get a lot of shading.

I’ve used it in the following pens:

The Pilot Vanishing Point (Matte Black) with the .6mm stub nib performed well. I tend to have a light touch when writing and even lighter when using the Vanishing Point. This did cause some skipping but was probably due more to my pen not making good contact in a notebook that doesn’t lie flat or when I write too fast and barely touch the paper. Even so, there was good ink flow. There was a little shading apparent when using this nib. Drying time was about 15 seconds on a Rhodia Dotpad with this nib.

When concentrating and making sure I apply a little more pressure than I normally would the ink and pen wrote well without hesitation or false starts.

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  1. A very late comment, but I find your ink reviews eminently sensible in length and content, and thus actually useful. We are awash in a wonder of inks todays. It threatens to put us in the odd position of a starving man who, confonted at last by a table laboring under all the foods he had dreamt of, finally perishes from inanition while trying to make a first choice.

    Thus I applaud your usefully Sparten approach, and willingness to,send thecstill curious to other sourses of appraisal and comparison. Please do not devalue what you contribute. You let me get my toes wet,with a brief look, before committing myself to,readingba full,review.

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