Ink Notes: Diamine Ancient Copper

Overall I really like this brown ink and copper is a good name for this ink. It flows well, doesn’t feather or bleed through on all the papers I used, from cheap copy paper to Rhodia  pads. The color really depends on the nib used and I tend to use thinner nibs so I don’t get a lot of shading.

I’ve used it in the following pens:

The Pilot Vanishing Point (Matte Black) with the .6mm stub nib performed well. I tend to have a light touch when writing and even lighter when using the Vanishing Point. This did cause some skipping but was probably due more to my pen not making good contact in a notebook that doesn’t lie flat or when I write too fast and barely touch the paper. Even so, there was good ink flow. There was a little shading apparent when using this nib. Drying time was about 15 seconds on a Rhodia Dotpad with this nib.

When concentrating and making sure I apply a little more pressure than I normally would the ink and pen wrote well without hesitation or false starts.

Additional Reading/Viewing

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