Ink Notes: Edison Herald with Diamine Golden Brown Ink

Photo of the Edison Herald

I spent a lot of time using the Edison Herald with a fine nib and Diamine Golden Brown ink during the past week. I filled four Edison Pens with brown ink and alternated their use until I eventually gravitated to this one. I was easily the most used pen this week. Not so much because I liked it the best. Rather, it was for almost the opposite reason – I was undecided whether or not I liked the combo.

When it first hit the paper I thought the ink was too light. Golden Brown is a good name for it, with an emphasis on “Gold”. But I found it easy enough to read on the various papers I used, all of which tended to be a variation of white. While it doesn’t rise to the level of favorite, the color grew on me over time and I kind of like it. Well, at least I don’t dislike it.

As for the ink/pen combo? Hmmm. I didn’t have any actual performance issues. It wrote without hesitation or skipping from first time the nib hit the paper to the last word. The ink is a very dry ink, at least compared to other inks I’ve used, without much saturation. This does mean it dries fast. It was under 5 seconds on the paper I used, except for Rhodia where it was 5 or 6 seconds.

The ink wasn’t flowing very freely in the converter but that didn’t seem to be the cause of the dry lines. But after writing a couple pages the pen did begin to feel like it was straining to put ink on the paper and the line was even drier and lighter.

I still have some of the sample left so for its next pen I’ll pick a thicker and wetter nib and see how it handles that.

Bottom Line: The ink is nice but a little light for my personal taste. I’d also prefer a little more saturation. Maybe I’ll like it more in a thicker nib. But in any event, I don’t expect I’ll like the ink enough to invest in a bottle.

As for the pen: Like all my Edisons it writes without any problems and I like the color a lot. That iPhone picture makes it look much darker than it really is. The pen is about as small as I feel comfortable writing with. I don’t post my pens and while this is post-able I’d always be concerned the cap would eventually mar the finish if it’s posted tight enough not to fall off.

This is one pen/ink combo I won’t repeat even though the ink color complements the pen color nicely.

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