This Just In: Low Cost Pens

I read this article on Sunday which sent me off looking for that ink and a similar pen at JetPens. I found both the ink and pen rather quickly. But then I got to browsing around, looking for other inexpensive fountain pens. My price ceiling was $25 which is the approximate price of a Lamy Safari. By the time I was done this is what I had.

My latest JetPens shipment

Ten low-cost fountain pens (average price $11.69) with other assorted¬†paraphernalia. The most expensive pen was $23.75 and the least expensive was $3.30. There is one disposable in there, but it wasn’t the least expensive.

Then it was off to Goulet Pens where I picked up these two:

Picture of the Noodler's Ahab Flex

Noodler’s Ahab Flex Dec 25th


Pilot Metropolitan

The last two raised the average a bit but they were both under $20.

I probably won’t get to any of these until after the holidays. Once I start taking the shrink-wrap off them I’ll post my thoughts.

What inexpensive (or “starter”) fountain pen do you recommend.?

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