This Just In: Faber-Castell E-motion

Picture of the white Faber-Castell E-motion

Actually, this arrived the same time as my Faber-Castell Basic Black. Like the Basic, it has a medium nib. I picked the Rhombus Style in the color white, making this my first white pen.

Why did I get it?

It’s a pen with a big girth which I’m beginning to like more and more. I picked white because I don’t have any white pens. I picked a medium nib to add a little variety to my nib selection. This video review by Stephen Brown turned me on to the E-motion and put it on my radar back in October. The metal section (chrome plated) had me holding off since I was worried about gripping it. But after hearing more rave reviews about Faber-Castell nibs I decided to go for it.

I liked the simple design in the photos and I like it as much with it in my hands. I don’t see myself getting a lot of white pens, but I like it with the chrome on this pen.

First Fill

For it’s first fill I picked Diamine Oxblood. It’s an ink I only recently tried in (another pen) and liked it immediately. But that pen developed a small leak so I had to empty it.

The steel medium nib is as buttery smooth as everyone claims. Between the nib and the ink this pen immediately became my primary writer today after I used it.


While this was my primary writer today, I haven’t done much writing. The chrome plated section hasn’t caused me any problems but I haven’t used the pen for more than 5 minutes at any one time.

I did have one false start after having the pen uncapped for about 45 to 60 seconds. In testing it seems to start having problems after about 45 seconds and after 60 seconds the first letter is dry. This seems a little quick to evaporate for me but since the pen and ink are new I can’t say which is the cause. I don’t have any flow problems when writing. It’s a consistent and well saturated line.

It’s a twist off cap with a very short thread length. For some reason I wanted to treat this as a pull off cap. Although I’ve used it enough today to have broken that habit.

The pen is heavy but that’s due to the chrome cap. The pen can be posted but the cap seems too heavy to make that comfortable, even for people who post their pen caps. I don’t like to post the caps so this isn’t a problem for me and without the cap the pen is a comfortable weight to write with.

The clip is nice, in that it has a bit of lever action to allow easy pocketing and un-pocketing by loosening the clip with your thumb (or finger).

I think I’m going to like this pen a lot.