This Just In: Franklin-Christoph Model 19 “1901”

Franklin-Christoph Model 19 photo

The final pen purchase of the year (I think, but there’s still a week) was from my fountain pen wish list. This is my fifth Franklin-Christoph pen. I chose the King’s Gold bands and a broad italic nib on this pen.

Why I Got It

I’ve like both the styling and performance of all the Franklin-Christoph pens I have. This pen is fairly large with a wide barrel,

I picked the broad italic nib making it almost unique in my accumulation.

First Fill

For the first fill I picked the reliable Waterman Florida Blue. Since it’s a nib type I’m not familiar with I wanted a reliable, problem free ink. I haven’t used the pen very much but it’s been nice and smooth with a even flow.


The pen is lighter than it looks. Like the Model 66 it’s made from a light acrylic. It takes short international cartridges and comes with one. It also comes with a convertor which is what I’m using.

3 thoughts on “This Just In: Franklin-Christoph Model 19 “1901”

  1. Nice pen but not much of a review. I am thinking of buying one and would appreciate if you could tell more about size (compared to others like Pelikan M 800), feel, balance, how it writes, quality etc. Thank you in advance Dan

  2. A bit of a late reply but I too am interested in more information on what I would consider higher-priced pens. As of right now (early 2014) the most I have ever paid for a pen is about $75. Like many other things in life, I am looking for the point where the investment versus return curve starts to flatten out in the process of changing from a liner relationship to an asymptotic approach to a limit. So, is a $200 pen really twice as “good” as a $100 pen; four times as “good” as a $50 pen?

    Thanks very much for your time and attention.


    • lucienlafayette,
      I think the conventional wisdom is that $200 is the point where any additional cost is unrelated to how the pen writes. It’s the design or material. I think that $200 number also assumes a gold nib. Typically, if there’s a choice I take the steel nib and not the gold nib but there is a difference. I’d also quality isn’t a multiple of price.

      SBREBrown has a YouTube video talking about if expensive pens are worth it and my opinions matches his. Especially where it comes down to deciding what a pen is worth to you.


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