Sunday Links and Notes

Some parts of the web caught came through my RSS reader and caught my attention this week:

Ed Jelley published a review of the Black ‘n’ Red Notebook only a couple hours before I was heading out to Staples for some last minute gifts. Based on his advice and warning I picked one up while I was there. I used it for my weekly ink post this week. First impression is good but be sure to read his review before you blindly buy one.

The Inkdependence Blog is new to me so I spent some time reading through it. I was happy to see he had the same problems with the Scribal Workshop ink as I did. I wasn’t happy he had problems, just that I finally read a review that mentioned the flow problems and it wasn’t just me.

Levenger is offering 25% off through December 26th with the promo code “HOLIDAY”. There are some exclusions including many non-Levenger fountain pen brands, so be sure to check the details. But a good offer if you need to stock up on notebooks, ink or paper and like their stuff.

I just ordered a Platignum Studio pen from Goulet Pens although I haven’t received it yet (because I just ordered it, not because of Goulet Pens). While Ivan Romero published a review of it on his Inktronics blog before I placed the order, I just read it today. I ordered the Orange as part of my low-cost fountain pen quest. I’d passed it over for many of the same reasons he also originally passed it over, but decided to add it when I went back to order other supplies.

I was happy to see the Edison/Goulet Encore LE’s are done and will be shipping out after Christmas. Can’t wait to get mine.

That’s it for this Sunday.

Happy holiday to those who celebrate Christmas.

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