Pen Review: Cross Bailey “Gift” Fountain Pen

I was at Staples the Friday before Christmas, picking up some last minute stocking stuffers when I saw the Cross gift pen display. There was a lone fountain pen in there so I added it to my low-cost pen collection since it was selling for $20. I later found this model sells for about $40 online, although I’ve seen it at $35 from unknown vendors while other unknown vendors are above $45.

I decided to ignore the embarrassment of my chicken scratch and post the handwritten review below. But the high-points are:

  • I had low-expectations but was wrong. It’s a nice pen.
  • Medium nib
  • Includes 6 black ink cartridges but no converter
  • The screw-in converter from my Cross Verve fits the pen (and screws in) although I haven’t used it.
  • Lacquer coated


Clicking a photo will open them in a gallery. My regular camera isn’t working so please exclude the iPhone photos.

Hand Written Review:

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3 thoughts on “Pen Review: Cross Bailey “Gift” Fountain Pen

  1. I purchased the pen today (11/24/14) for $20. It did not come with any ink, so I am glad I bought a six-pack when I got the pen.

    My experience, so far, has been similar to yours. I am pleased to see that I am not the only one who noticed the big F on the front of the packaging. I thought I was buying a Fine nib, and of course it is medium.

    • Hi Paul,
      I haven’t used this pen since I ran out of Cross cartridges but it’s certainly worth the money. I suppose the F would only fool those of us familiar with fountain pens which probably isn’t their target market. Although f that’s true then the lack of cartridges seems like a mistake, especially since they’re proprietary.

      Thanks for reading,

      • I believe “F” stands for “Fountain Pen” and not the nib size. If I remember the Rollerballs and Ballpoints have a letter on them to and maybe even different colors. It’s so when you are looking at all the packs on the shelf you can see which type each is at a glance.

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