Sunday Notes and Links

Some links that caught my interest while prowling the internet.

Pilot brought their Iroshizuku ink line up to 24 inks. The Goulet Pen Ink Nouveau blog has a post and video about the new Iroshizuku inks. I’ve ordered a bottle of the Take-sumi (Bamboo Charcoal) yesterday and look forward to trying it out. The iroshizuku line seems heavy on the blue inks, which I’m not a fan of although some of the colors appeal to me.

I’ve mentioned in the past that reading Greg Minuskin’s blog was going to lure me into buying my first vintage pen. While this pen was long gone before I saw it, it’s something like this that will trap me.

It started about a year ago, but I came across this FPN poll on how many fountain pens people have. Two votes for 1000+.

On Fountain Pens has a post about fountain pens improving handwriting, or rather the myth of fountain pens improving handwriting. I never heard that fountain pens were considered to improve handwriting, myth or otherwise. They make me want to improve my writing, but I didn’t expect it to improve just by using a fountain pen.

Inktronics has photos and a review of an ebonite Edison bulb filler. I love this pen.