Ink Notes: Noodler’s Walnut

Photo of the Noodler's Walnut Brown bottle

I’m continuing my brown ink exploration with Noodler’s Walnut. I’ve had the almost full bottle in my ink drawer for over 8 years. The ink doesn’t show any affects of age.

Test pens where a Lamy Safari with extra fine, medium and broad nibs along with a Sailor 1911 with a 21kt Sailor medium nib and a Franklin-Christoph Model 29 with a steel fine nib.

I had some inconsistencies in the dry times on Rhodia paper. You’ll see on the sample sheets that my first test with the fine nib took over 30 seconds to dry. When the medium nib took only 20 seconds I redid the fine and got a 10 second dry time. Doane Paper saw much more consistent, and quicker, drying times.

Pictures of the samples on Rhodia Paper (No 16 Dotpad) are in the gallery, click them for the full size images.

My impressions of Noodler’s Walnut

  • A nice dark brown with good saturation.
  • No bleeding or feathering on any papers I used.
  • Long drying time on Rhodia paper, especially with broad and wetter nibs
  • Drying on Doane Paper is significantly faster than on Rhodia. So when I use my typical thin nibs while taking notes I don’t have to worry too much about smudges, Drying time is ~5 seconds with the Sailor Medium or Franklin-Christoph fine nib.
  • Not water proof, but very water resistant. A layer of color washes off but what’s left is readable. I consider it spill and accident proof.
  • The ink is easy to flush from the pen.
  • Good choice for my daily work notes. Relatively quick drying on the Doane Paper that I use and it keeps the nib wet for pauses of a minute or more.
  • Bad choice for some bound notebooks. With my Black & Red notebook (the one with Fountain Pen friendly paper) the ink still wasn’t dry when I turned the page. While not wet enough to smudge, I got ink dots on the facing page when I flipped it over. And this included the top of the page, not the just completed section.

Pens Used

The Lamy was just used for testing so there’s no long-term experience. It was easy to flush out, taking a little over 5 minutes.

The Sailor 1911 Sterling handled the ink well with its 21kt medium nib. I could pause writing for 2 minutes and there would still be ink on the nib and wrote as soon as I put it back on the paper. There was just a trace of a skip after pausing for 3 minutes. This pen is still inked, but I don’t expect any problems cleaning it.

The Franklin-Christoph Model 29 also handled the ink well with its steel fine nib, not quit as well as the gold nib on the Sterling but still a good flow. I could pause writing for about 1 minute without and problems restarting. Any longer than that and I might have problems, especially if I was pausing frequently. It only took about 2 minutes to clean this pen.

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