Sunday Notes and Links

No “This Week’s Ink” this weekend and an abbreviated Notes & Links. A couple pens went dry but haven’t been re-inked or replaced. On Friday a water pipe broke in an apartment above me and I’ve been mopping and drying since then. Luckily I worked from home of Friday and was able to move all the electronics out of the way of the water. One thing that dig get swamped was my empty box storage closet which included the fountain pen empties. Guess I have an answer to the question of whether I should keep the old boxes, at least for some of them.

I’m almost done with the Sailor Pro Gear Imperial Black review. I just need to proof read it and get some photos. Hopefully the sun will still be out later today and I can get some photos.

Now for the links.

Most of you probably already read these sites, but I decided to list the sites I’ve spent the most time reading lately. This isn’t comprehensive, just the sites I been visiting lately, and I hope to put together a more complete list in the future. The link is just to the most recent article I liked, be sure to look around.

Inkdependence recently had a review of Noodler’s Antietam which got added to my want list. It’s similar to two colors I like.

The PenAddict has a website with reviews and weekly links (in addition to his podcast). I wouldn’t be surprised in 100% of you already visit the site. Brad was nice enough to link to several of my posts over time and sent a ton of traffic here (Thanks Brad!). Saturday’s links included one to a review of Noodler’s Lexington Grey. I’ve always liked black inks but have only recently begun to appreciate grey as more than watered down black. Another ink for my want list.

Looking for more to read? Inkophile publishes links to interesting articles nearly every week.

Inktronics is another regular for me. I linked to a pen review last week, but he also does notebook reviews such as the Palomino Luxury Notebook.

Ed Jelly has great hand written reviews. His latest is Diamine Majestic Purple. I don’t have a need for another purple, but I still read and enjoyed the review. Ed just started writing stationary reviews for FPGeeks (congrats Ed!). His first in on the Clairefontaine Classic Side Wirebound Notebook.

4 thoughts on “Sunday Notes and Links

  1. Hi!

    I’m the guy behind, glad you liked the review of the Lexington Gray!
    I had never thought I would like a gray ink, I wanted either the blackest black or a nice bright color, and gray seemed faded to me. But one day I tried J.Herbin’s Gris Nuage and I discovered the hidden beauty of a soft beautiful gray ink. And then, with the Lexington Gray, I fund a gry ink, fully waterproof, quick to dry and very beautiful 🙂

    BTW, I love your site’s header, the Platinum 3776 is one of my favorite pen, and that color is simply gorgeous !

    • @Lost – Sounds like I’m running a little behind you in the ink appreciation department. Also considered a black or bright ink the only choice worth considering. I just used Iroshizuku Fuyu-syogun and found I could appreciate gray. Now you’ve given me to two more to consider.

      I have two 3776’s rotating through the banners. Personally the Burgundy is my favorite because I’m partial to red over blue. But I like the Cahrtes too.

      Thanks for stopping by.


      • I have a Burgundy 3776, but I find it a bit too small. I guess the samllest size I’m able to fully appreciate is Pelikan M205, and the 3776 is a bit smaller. But it’s so beautiful I cannot convince myself to sell it 🙂

        I love testing inks. I particularly search for my perfect blue, but I appreciate green and red inks, and last week I tested at last Diamine Ancien Cooper, and I love it too…

      • Ancient Copper is one of my favorites but I’m partial to browns & reds and inks in between. I like the color green, but still haven’t found one that blows me away. I have a bunch of samples but haven’t gotten to them yet. Saw your review of Diamine Apple Glory and I have a sample of that and will be trying it soon.


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