This Just In: Edison Huron Grande

Technically this is a pen I bought last year so I haven’t bought a new pen this year, but my Edison Pen Huron Grande arrived today. This is my sixth Edison Pen, but the first in their Signature Line. I’d been eyeing various Signature Line pens for awhile but decided to pull the trigger when the Spencerian pen was cancelled. I’d already spent the money on it, no sense putting it back in the bank.

I got the Huron Grande in Red/White/Blue Flecked acrylic with a 1.1mm cursive italic nib. I also ordered an extra fine nib and a pen rest.

Photo of the Edison Huron Grande

Why I Bought It

This is unlike my other pens. It’s the largest pen I have when capped although it’s not the largest pen in my hand when I’m writing. It’s only my second clipless pen, although I’m warming up to clipless designs.

I wanted something different and also bright. This pen fits the bill.

I was considering a couple different designs and this pen was completely different than the other Signature line pens I was considering. In the email exchanges with Brian at Edison none of the questions pertained to this pen. But it was the one I was most sure that I would like. The other designs may get picked in the future, but that would be after visiting a pen show where I can see most of the material choices and pens in real life. Plus, they were more along the lines of my existing pens.

I debated getting a gold nib but eventually decided against it. I’ve been happy with the steel nibs and decided the extra $100 would be wasted on me. I went with the single tone nib. Despite my desire for a bright pen, I didn’t think the two tone would look right and I do like the plain looking nib.

Since it’s clipless and prone to rolling I ordered a pen pillow too.

First Impressions

I love it! I didn’t realize it from the pictures but there’s some slight translucence to the material. Despite the large size the pen is light. The cap can’t be posted which isn’t a problem since I never post the cap.

The pen came with a converter and some extra silicon grease. I did specify eye dropper fill so the threads were already treated with silicon so this is extra (which I used when I swapped nibs).

I wrote briefly with the italic nib, using Apache Sunset. It wrote well but I need to improve my italic skills, so I swapped in the extra fine nib and will use as a daily writer for awhile.

I don’t have a pen case that can handle the pen, at least not one I can throw in my bag as a daily carry. Either the pen is too tall or the .675″ cap diameter is too big. So for now this pen is a home body. This wasn’t a surprise and I’m still debating whether or not I even want to bring it with me on the days I head into the office. It’s not a pen easily carried around while working so might not get a lot of use there.

The pen is extremely comfortable for me to write with. I’ve had the pen less than 6 hours, so have only written a couple pages but I’m extremely happy. And of course, I’m biased towards liking a pen I put so much thought into.

First Ink

Technically, the first ink was Apache Sunset with the Italic nib. But that was barely enough ink to saturate the feed. After swapping for the extra fine nib I filled it with Iroshizuku Fuyu-syogun (Light Cool Gray). Actually, the converter is only about 1/3 fill so I can try different inks. Eventually I’ll use it as an eye dropper fill.

I think my ink choice got more complicated once I saw the translucence. I’m not sure how much the ink color will be visible or enhance the pen color. It could be interesting.