Sunday Notes and Links

I spent a lot of time cleaning out pens a couple days ago. Ten pens headed back to storage so needed a good cleaning. I decided to snap a photo of my pen cleaning gear.

Photo of my pen cleaning supplies

The two white bulbs are store brand “ear syringes” picked up at my local drug store. One is cut off to provide a little bigger opening. The bigger blue bulb is still sealed up. I bought it from Goulet Pens while I still had the Ink Drop membership discount since it had a larger capacity. But so far I haven’t been frustrated enough to open it up. Then there’s two empty ink cartridges with their tops cut off. These are used when the syringe doesn’t fit well over the feed. There’s an international and Lamy cartridge in the photo. Oh yea, the paper towels aren’t shown, lots of paper towels. And lots of water.

Some of my favorite reading of the past week…

EdJelly has a hand written review of the Sailor Professional Professional Gear Imperial Black fountain pen.

Inkophile wrote about using a Platinum pen with a “chunky” nib, My Platinum pens all have thin nibs which is my preference but there are alternatives.

JetPens has a post about the Pilot Metropolitan fountain pen. I picked up one of these $15 pens last year when I bought a bunch of low cost pens. I just inked it up yesterday.

It’s reviews and pens like these that keep me adding to my accumulation. Inktronics reviewed the Sheaffer Intensity Carbon Fiber Fountain Pen, and quit favorably. So far I’m managing to do it, but it’s tough to resist a carbon fiber pen for under $70.

Anderson Pens posted a review of the Philadelphia Pen Show and also talked about it on their podcast. I’m beginning to pay more attention to these as I hope to attend a show this year – Long Island, Washington D.C., or both,

Finally, some nice fountain pens.