Sunday Notes and Links

Some of my favorite reading the past week:

EdJelley has a handwritten review of Pilot Iroshizuku Fuyu-Syogun ink. I recently started using this ink, my first Iroshizuku, and it’s become a favorite of mine.

JetPens has a blog post about turning the Pilot Petite1 in to an EyeDropper. I have one of these pens although I’ve yet to use it. I’m not sure I’d want an eyedropper conversion on a pen that will probably be bouncing around in my pocket, but an interesting idea.

While I just recently tried a Iroshizuku ink, Gourmet Pens got the complete lineup. It makes for some impressive ink bottle porn.

From the Pen Cup has a review of the Faber-Castell Basic. I have the black leather version of the pen. I haven’t found the nib to be quit free flowing with the inks I’ve used, although it is a wet writer.

Writer’s Bloc Blog has a review of the Pilot Metropolitan (obsolete link removed). (via Pen Addict)

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