Sunday Notes and Links

If you follow me on Twitter you may have seen a picture of my newly arrived Stipula Vedo. I won’t be writing about it here. The Stipula emblem fell off (and was lost) before the pen was inked. Since I got it from Amazon a return seemed the best choice. It was their last one, and at a price lower than other sources, so I went the refund route. The pen was on the short side, but still comfortable to hold. It was just barely long enough to use without posting, but just barely. I probably would have posted this pen for anything more than a few sentences.

Now on to the links that caught my attention….

FPGeeks is running a couple of giveaways. Their giving away a Pelikan M800 Tortoise and their also having a limerick contest for a TWSBI Mini and some ink.

While on the subject of FPGeeks they also posted their awesome review of the Edison Beaumont Pneumatic. It’s a pen that intriques me but one that I want to see and touch before buying one. I may wait for the filling system to appear on other Edison pens.

JetPens has a post about 5 pen patents.

The Pen Addict has a review of the new Davis Leatherworks notebook cover sized for Field Notes and similar notebooks. They look great and even though I don’t need one I may end up with one anyway.

Inkophile has a overview of the Platinum #3776 Century fountain pen.

EdJelley has a review of Noodler’s Borealis Black. A nice looking ink but the ink properties will probably keep it out of my pens. He’s also been making a lot of changes to his site so be sure to visit if you haven’t been there recently.

I’d never heard of Whitelines notebooks until recently and now I see them mentioned a lot. Gourmet Pens has a thorough review of the A5 notebook.