Perfect Match: Pelle Notebook and Retro 51 Pen

Retro 51 Deluxe Tornado Lincoln

There’s one pen in my accumulation that’s not a fountain pen. It’s paired with a leather notebook cover and I consider them a set,

The pen is a Retro 51 Deluxe Tornado Lincoln Rollerball. It’s got a terrific antique copper finish. It’s developed a unique patina over time and use. Pictures don’t do it justice , but I love the look. If the finish was available as a fountain pen it would be perfect.

The notebook cover is a small Pelle Leather Journal in brown. The notebooks inside include a Pelle notebook and a Field Notes notebook, both with blank pages, The Field Notes notebook is a little big but more on that in a moment.

I came across the Retro 51 Lincoln last May but was unsure if it looked as good as it sounded. Pictures didn’t tell the story. As for the leather cover from Pelle I had come across it when looking for a pocket notebook but it seemed small for the notebooks I wanted to use. The replacement books from Pelle were a bit expensive for my intended use (abusing a notebook by carrying it around all the time and using it for disposable notes).

As I was debating this episode 18 of the Pen Addict podcast was released. Myke had bought the Lincoln Retro 15 and his description removed all doubts I had about look of the pen. As for the notebook he solved that problem too. Well, not so much solved as turned it into a feature. The Field Notes notebook are in fact too big, but just a little and only if the intent is to keep them entirely inside the leather cover. The books fit inside the retaining straps just fine. The books stick out a little, but since they are brown they match the leather cover and give it character.

I use the notebook as a pocket notebook or carry it in my computer bag. It’s generally paired with the pen. Except for the Pilot Vanishing Point a fountain pen is typically too cumbersome for quick notes.

Any notes I make in the notebook are temporary by nature. If I need to keep the info I transfer it someplace else.

The Pelle paper is nice. It’s more fountain pen friendly than the Field Notes paper. But it is thin so there is show through, but no bleed through.

The Pen Addict has a review of the Retro 51 Tornado. It’s a different finish but the same basic pen. I like the pen, although a thin metal pen wouldn’t be my choice for longer writing sessions. It’s perfect for quick notes.

The rest of the story can be told in pictures.

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  1. What a beautiful pairing. I love how the copper pen compliments your brown leather notebook. I happen to own the red Monroe Retro 51 Tornado. It has become my new favorite pen and is always close at hand.

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