Ink Notes: J. Herbin Lie De The’

Photo of a Lie De The ink bottle
J. Herbin Lie De The Ink Bottle

I first wrote about J. Herbin Lie De The’ back in September 2012. I was a bit disappointed in the ink at the time, possibly due to the sample I received being even more yellowish than a typical bottle. This is an update to that post as I’ve grown to like the ink more over time.

I like brown inks and the first time I saw J. Herbin Lie De The’ ink I thought it was destined to become my standard brown ink and one of my overall favorites, even though Google translate says the name is “Dregs of Tea” in english.

While this didn’t become my standard brown ink, I’ve grown to like it. It does vary greatly based on nib and paper combinations. The color varied widely across the first two pens I used and different types of paper. Sometimes the ink looks looked yellow mud and other times it’s a nice dark brown. It’s been less mud like from the bottle but does often lean to the yellow side of brown.

With my preference for fine nibs I don’t expect a lot of shading in the line but there is some variation with the Lie de The’ ink. I will say in the the ink from the bottle I bought has been more consistent than the initial sample I used.

The drying time and water resistance is pretty good, making it usable as my daily note taker. Not the fatest dryer, but good enough. The ink isn’t waterproof but there’s enough left to be read after being soaked.

Pens Used

Edison Collier w/fine nib: Wrote a thin line that was more yellow that I like. Also frequently wrote a thin line that looked like thin yellow mud, which wasn’t easy or pleasant to read. Other times it was a good looking brown ink. I’m not sure why there was a difference since the paper type was often the same. Maybe room temperature or humidity affected it. This pen used an ink sample which may explain the differences between this pen and the others, which were from a full bottle.

Franklin-Christoph Model 29 w/fine nib: The ink has been consistent within paper brands. Unlike the Edison Collier, this pen was consistent on each type of paper. It did vary across paper. The ink has a very yellow tinge on Rhodia paper and is more brown on Field Notes and Doane paper. Nothing exciting, but no complaints either.

TWSBI VAC 700 with various nibs: The samples in the gallery were done with the pen. I liked the ink just fine using this pen. I used the extra fine nib for a couple days as my primary note taker and it performed well on Doane Paper. No hesitation or skipping with a nice consistant color.

Writing Samples

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Photo of a pen resting on a J. Herbin ink bottle
The J. Herbin pen bottles have a built in pen rest.