Sunday Notes and Links

Sometimes computers just don’t cooperate. I work in IT and spent Saturday working on some application upgrades. A three hour plan turned into a 12 hour ordeal, much of it on the phone with the vendor working through the issues. Then I decide to write up this post as I read through my saved articles. Usually I write it out on paper (with a FP of course) but was lazy this time so just made notes in WordPressas I read, and usually WordPress saves every 5 minutes or so. But when I got done I was prompted to logon and my post was empty. I’m a beaten man and lack the stamina to try and dig up those links as I go. So this will be a much abbreviated article. I’ve got some bourbon and a viewing of The In-Laws (the original with Falk and Arkin) waiting.

No “This Week’s Ink” since it was the same as last week.

I’m excited about my first pen show coming up next week – The Long island Pen Show.

FPN has a thread about JetPens discontinuing Diamine ink sales, with the bottles that are left available at a discount.

EdJelly has a handwritten review of Private Reserve Sherwood Green. Nice looking green but I don’t think it will replace my Iroshizuku Shin-ryoku.

JetPens has an article about how to write with a fountain pen.

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    • I crack up each time I watch it, no matter how many times its been.

      Looking forward to seeing you at the Long Island show.


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