Sunday Notes and Links

This has nothing to do with fountain pens, but I’m a fan of Ian Fleming/James Bond and found this true WWII story fascinating. via DF

Edison Pen is running another group buy this year. I do want to add another Signature Line pen this year and this would be a way to save some money. Plus, I don’t have a Morgan. If the Mottled Green/Black ebonite gets selected I may jump on board. But it’s significantly  behind in the voting.

Ink Nouveau has a video on using vacuum fillers. While the vacuum fill is a bit quirky, at least on my Vac 70, I’ve gotten used to it and really like it.

Gourmet Pens has an extensive review of the Airmail 444 Eyedropper pens. While there are some cons, there are more pros than just the $19 price.

Franklin-Christoph has released two new colors for the Model 29. The Radiant Red will get everyones attention.

From the Pen Cup has some nice photos of the Lamy 2000 Makrolon. I’ve never really been a fan of the Lamy 2000 bug, but these pictures have me reconsidering.