Sunday Notes and Links

Photo of latest Doane Paper shipment

Doane Paper is back. I’ve no idea  what happened or for how long they’ll be back. It seems permanent since there’s a few new items listed, as opposed to a closeout. I stocked up with 3 three-packs of 3 different items – Large Writing Pads, Small Writing Pads and the new Garage Series Utility Notebook. Brad Dowdy tweeted when the store came back online and it was mentioned briefly on the latest PenAddict podcast.

Back in January I wrote about a water pipe break in an apartment above me. Well, it broke again at the end of March which was part of the reason for my hiatus from the blog. No one was home this time and it was much worse. I’m on the ground floor so gravity meant it all ended up there. Besides new carpeting and paint there wasn’t too much damage to my stuff since it was off the floor. But there were pen-related losses. I no longer have to worry about whether or not so save pen boxes. Most are now gone. My favorite Franklin-Christoph Model 66 is missing. I figure it got knocked off the desk as furniture was moved and might have been tossed in a box. I’m hoping it will turn up as I go through boxes and drawers but if it doesn’t turn up soon I’ll be getting a replacement. Then there was the loss of some paper, hence the Doane Paper order, but that’s about it.

I learned from Inkdependence that Franklin-Christoph now has bottled ink. I don’t need more ink. But it’s F-C so I’ll probably order one of each. I also see on the F-C website that they’ve got paper coming soon.

FPGeeks will be having an online nib tuning seminar this coming Saturday.