This Week’s Ink: April 27, 2013

This week brings another drop in inked pens from last week. The Parker Vacumatic Maxima is a new pen for me and will no doubt be my primary writer for the week. So there was no point replacing pens that went dry. The Pro Gear did get re-inked so that I could have one pen with a business appropriate ink.

On to the pens…

Photo of pens inked for the week ahead

1942 Parker Vacumatic Maxima (Fine)Montblanc Bordeaux // / Sailor Pro Gear Imperial Black – Iroshizuku Foyu-syogun // Esterbrook $1 Bandless (#9555) – Montblanc Burgundy Red // Platinum 3776 Century (fine) – Platinum Brown Cartridge // Edison Huron Grande (extra fine) – Montblanc Irish Green

Writing samples for this week's ink