Sunday Notes and Links

Last Thursday was a busy day for my mailman, delivering 4 packages of pens and paraphernalia. In addition to the Parker Vacumatic Maxima I also bought some knocked about Esterbrooks so I can start learning re-sacing and restoration. Along those lines I stocked up on repair supplies from Anderson Pens. Since I was ordering anyway I added in a pen and a few ink samples. I would have been wrong not to get pen and ink. My Esterbrook nib collection also grew. The photo below shows good stuff.

Photo of Thursday's deliveries

On the bottom is a 48 pen case from Anderson Pens. Nice case, double loops for the pens. Then clockwise from the top left – A Merlin 33, Esterbrook #2668 nib, the Parker Vacumatic Maxima, 4 ink samples, the latest Field Notes, and the Esterbrook’s for my training. An Esterbrook #2314F nib also arrived yesterday. The Esterbrook’s are multiplying.

Last week I mentioned my Franklin-Christoph Model 66 went missing in the chaos of the water pipe break. It surfaced again as I was going through more boxes. After being unused for nearly a month it wrote immediately. I love that pen. But the Vacumatic is a challenger for the top spot.

Now for the links…

FPGeeks had their first “Tweaks for Geeks” yesterday. Brian Grey did a nib smoothing session. It was great. Now I have no excuse not to tweak some of my problem nibs.

Fountain Pen Network was down for an extended period of time this week. Peaceable Writer has some thoughts on pen forums and a list of additional forums.

Gourmet Pens has a review of the Pilot 78G which seems like another inexpensive but nice fountain pen from Pilot.

I’ve been doing a lot of Esterbrook related reading. These are links that I’ll keep handy.

FPN member Chiro75 has a step-by-step Esterbrook re-sacing tutorial.

FPN member maynes32 has put together a Esterbrook Repair Index.

And of course, there the Esterbrook forum on FPN.

Brian Anderson, of Anderson Pens, mains where there’s a wealth of information.

Richard Binder has a some Esterbrook reference pages on his site, covering nibs, the Dollar Pen, and the Model J.

Finally, an online Esterbrook nib chart.

4 thoughts on “Sunday Notes and Links

  1. Hey Ray! Nice to meet your blog. You have some great pens in your impressive accumulation list. Glad, of course, to see the Edisons and the Japanese pens among them.
    Look forward to future reading here.

  2. Thank you for the mention 🙂 I must work on some of my problem nibs now too!! Once I get the hang of the steel ones, I have a few gold ones that could use some work as well! Very cool that you are learning re-sacing and restoration. I also must venture into this department at some point when I gather the guts.

    • Hi Azizah,
      Thanks for stopping by. I tackled tuning my first two nibs tonight. Still working up the courage to do my first re-sac but I’m too far down the patch to back out now.


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