My First Nib Adjustments

Pens selected for nib tuning

Fresh off the motivating Tweaks for Geeks on nib tuning I did my first nib adjustments tonight. The hard part was picking the pen to be the first guinea pig. I had put aside two Conklins since they were such horrible writers (which explained why they were dirt cheap). But they have gold nibs which seemed like a bad choice to be first. Other pens I had issues with were also gold nibs.

I finally found a Parker that seemed to have mis-aligned tines. I don’t think I ever used the pen so I put in cartridge to giver it a try. It was pretty bad, making it the perfect choice.

I watched the video again over dinner then went at it. Once tine was lowered but wouldn’t seem to go any lower. So the other tine was raised. A little too much so it was lowered. There was a little more back and forth but I eventually got them aligned. A writing test showed a vast improvement. Good flow and no skipping.

Next was the lapping film for the smoothing. First the courser green then the finer white as shown in the video. Even smoother when I got done.

Based on that success I decided to tackle the gold nibbed Conklin. The pen had serious flow issues due to the notorious feed and converter and I didn’t expect to change that. But even when the nib was saturated the pen skipped terribly, mostly on the down-stroke.

Again the tines were misaligned so I started there. I had a harder time with this one, a lot more back and forth with the tines. I just couldn’t seem to get them aligned but eventually it worked out. Like the Parker, there was significant improvement once the tines were aligned.

This time I used the buff stick for the smoothing although still finished with the white lapping film. This improved the feel of the nib a bit more. I expect the flow problems to return but I’ve written two frustration-free pages using the pen.

Now I almost want to find a scratchy nib. It’s a fun way to relax after work.

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