Review: Edison Pearl 2012 LEE

This Edison Pearl was the first Edison Pen I ever ordered. It was a group buy back in early 2012 but since it was a group buy I had the Edison Collier in hand before it arrived so it was my second Edison Pen. Not that it matters. The Peal is part of Edison’s Signature Line. I got mine as part of the 2012 Group buy where the materials were chosen by vote which allowed the pen to be bought at a discount from the regular price.

I chose the ebonite version which was a beige/black ebonite. Mine is numbered 8 of 79. If I remember right the numbers were assigned randomly. The nib was one of the few choices not decided by a vote and I picked an extra fine steel nib.

Edison extra fine steel nib
Two-tone EF steel nib w/Montblanc Oyster Grey

The specs, according to the Edison Pens website are:

  • Weight:  w/cap 22g  w/o cap 16g
  • Diameter: Cap .610″  Body .610″
  • Length: Capped 5 3/8″  Uncapped 5″
Edison Pearl 2001 Ebonite

It’s a cartridge/converter pen that can be converted to an eyedropper fill. I’ve been using it with the converter and haven’t had any problems. I like to change up the inks and the converter empties faster and is easier to clean.

I love the classic cigar shape of the pen. The ends taper slightly to a point which is a nice change from the typical rounded ends. Ebonite gets bonus points from me no matter what the pen is like. I’d have preferred a silver clip but the simple gold clip goes well with the dark ebonite. I like the overall look of the pen. It’s not my favorite looking pen, a little too dark for my current tastes, but I like it.

This is one of the most comfortable fountain pens I’ve used. The ebonite is light. The shape and size of the pen is perfect for my writing grip and the ebonite feels good. There’s a sharper than typical drop between the barrel and section but it fits perfectly with my normal grip. Others may find it uncomfortable.

The extra fine nib is a smooth writer that never fails to write. I’m pretty sure Brian Gray tunes the nibs before sending them out, at least for the Signature Line pens, and it shows.

I use the pen as a daily writer with a wide range of inks. The comfortable pen is suitable for long writing session and I just don’t get tired when using it.

The pen is easy to flush and clean using the bulb syringe.

I’m really pleased with the Edison Pearl 2012 LEE and it’s a big factor in why I’m a fan of Edison Pens.

6 thoughts on “Review: Edison Pearl 2012 LEE

    • Thanks Azizah. I do really like the Pearl. I want to get another Edison Signature Edition pen this year and I’m considering a second Pearl, but in a brighter color. I like the thickness of the Pearl. But that Nakaya you got recently wants me wanting one of those too.


  1. I am very impressed with Edison pens, and have a Pearlette in my future. I’m just waiting for them to starting offering a piston option, which I have been told is in the works. Have no idea how soon that might be, thought.

    • A piston filler would be nice. I’ve been interested in a bulb filler Pearl but would pick a piston filler over them.


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