Sunday Notes and Links

There wasn’t any “This Week’s Ink” post since there hasn’t been any new pens inked up since last week’s post. That’s mainly thanks to the large capacity of this pen, which is also great to use.

Parker Duofold photo

The Washington D.C. pens show is a “go” for me in August. The vacation time is set and the hotel reservations are made. Looking forward to it. Resisting pen purchases until then so I can go wild at the show.

Some links that caught my interest:

EdJelly has a review of the TWSBI Vac 700. He wasn’t as enamored with the pen as I was. Although he did have flow problems that I didn’t experience.

Pens Paper Inks…Whatever has pictures of her ink collection. Impressive.

Another impressive photo is JustDaveyB’s photo of his 85 pens.

FPGeeks wrote about the Visconti 25th Anniversary Steel Age Homo Sapien Maxi Gift Set. Cool looking pen. The lava material seems interesting. I’ve never owned a Visconti but their pens do have fans.

Inkdependence covered the Goulet’s May ink drop.

Gourmet Pens has a review of the Franklin-Christoph Black Magic ink. The F-C inks intrigue me because I like their pens and pen cases. I’m undecided on the Black Magic ink. The fast drying is great for me as is the water-resistance, but the bleed/show through and feathering is a killer.

The Pen Addict is having a giveaway that ends tomorrow.