Sunday Notes and Links

Some of the links that caught my attention this past week, most are fountain pen related.

On the topic of links, I’ve added a “Resources and Links” section linked to from the top menu. Hopefully I haven’t missed any sites from my current feeds, but I probably did and will add the sites as I come across them.

The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) is fighting a patent troll and is requesting support, either funding or prior art. The troll is shaking down podcasters so as a podcast consumer I consider this a pad thing. NPR’s Planet Money also did a podcast on it.

A couple new pens caught my eye, but I’m resisting, with my sights on the DC show.

Goulet Pens has an exclusive version of the Monteverde Invincia. called the Nighthawk. It’s a Carbon Fiber all black version. I’ve had Invincia’s on my watch list for awhile, but I figured I’d go with a lower priced version since they’re all the same nibs. But I’m a sucker for stealth pens.

The Sheaffer Taranis is also working it’s way to the retailers I watch and it’s a cool looking pen that catches my eye. But the closer I look I notice things I down like, such as the semi-hooded nib. I like a nib I can see. While eye catching I find I don’t like that much chrome trim in actual use. Still, I’ll take a look at the pen at the DC show and maybe find the positives out way the negatives.

Inktronics has a first impressions review of the new TWSBI notebook.

There’s a couple links at the Well-Appointed Desk that are a bit old but I just got to them and they’re worth mentioning. First is a ink sac replacement tutorial and the second is a recap of fountain pen notebooks.

From the Pen Cup has a Retro 51 Vintage Surf rollerball review. I’ve ordered one of these, although it hasn’t arrived yet. Since it’s not a fountain pen I don’t have to wait for the DC show. (It’s nice to make my own rules.)

The Pen Addicts links from Saturday led me to a couple new (for me) fountain pen blogs that I’ve subscribed to and have been going through older articles. There’s lots of vintage stuff at At No Pen Intended the Esterbrook J article caught my eye.

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