This Week’s Ink: June 8, 2013

There was a lot of turnover this past week. The Vacumatic and 1911 Sterling with Montblanc Bordeaux both ran out of ink on Sunday. I inked up the Sailor Clear Candy to replace them. I used it long enough to do the review but it wasn’t exciting enough to keep in the rotation. It will stay in my desk at work for occasional use.

My most used pen this past week was the Clear Candy but that’s because I wanted to review it. It wasn’t anything special to use. My favorite fountain pen of the week was the 1939 Parker Vacumatic with R&K Sepia. This pen has already gone dry and has been rotated out. It’s tough to have both the Vacumatics sitting on the shelf. I really like them but need to give other pens a chance.

My two always inked desk pens are written about separately. The six pens in my Penvelope daily carry case are:

Pens inked for the week of June 8th

Sheaffer Balance Full Size (Fine) – Iroshizuku Fuyu-syogun //  Platinum 3776 Century (Fine) – Platinum Brown cartridge // Platinum Plasir (Fine) – Platinum Green Cartridge // Pilot Vanishing Point Black Marble (Fine)Diamine Oxblood // Pilot Plumix (Medium Flat Italic) – Pilot Blue Cartridge // Esterbrook J Double Jewel (#2668) – Iroshizuku Syo-ro

Writing Samples

Writing Samples for June 8th ink