Sunday Notes & Links

My Retro 51 Collection
Retro 51 Tornados (L – R): Vintage Surf, Black Stealth, Lincoln, Bamboo, Green Lacquer

First off, I updated the Clear Candy review to reflect that flushing the nib resolved the flow issue.

Things that caught my interest this week…

Speaking of Retro 51’s, From the Pen Cup has a review of the Retro 51 EXT Tornado White Nickel Fountain Pen. I had a Retro 51 Double Eight fountain pen and was disappointed in the build quality. The cap just wouldn’t stay on. Interesting that the one eissue with the Retro 51 FP was cap related.

For the Retro 51 hat trick, Retro 51 announced their latest Tornado Popper Limited Edition. I prefer less busy designs so will be able to avoid this one.

The Carnival of Pen, Pencil and Paper on also has a quick comparison of Noodler’s Black inks.

Inkdependence has a couple of posts describing his Raleigh Pen show experience in words and pictures.

Inkophile talks about inks that survive the summer heat.

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