Ink Notes: Platinum Brown

This is the first time I’ve done ink notes for a cartridge only ink. Not only is Platinum Brown only available in cartridges it’s a proprietary cartridge no less. I bought a cartridge two-pack after adding several Platinum fountain pens to my accumulation.

Platinum Brown is a reddish brown, with a emphasis on the “red”. Once I starting using it, as opposed to letting it sit in the pen to test the “slip & seal” cap, I used it to mark up pages or notes where I’d normally use red or another bright ink. I do like the color and it stands out on the page. The ink looks brown in the cartridge and the package says “brown”, but once it’s on the paper I’d call it a red. There is some shading and line variation, even with the thin nibs.

I like the behavior of the ink. It dries quickly and I didn’t experience any bleed through or noticeable feathering. I did use thin nibs, the widest being a medium. The ink flow was great, keeping up even with fast writing in the extra fine nib.

The ink passed the water test with flying colors. I let the ink dry for 24 hours then poured water on it, let it sit a bit, then wiped it up. I could still easily read what was written and much of the color remained.

While the ink was only in the pen for a few hours, it was easy to clean from the pen. (I moved the cartridge to a new pen and flushed the old pen.)

Platinum cartridges have a metal ball that moves around in the ink to help the ink flow. If the pen is quiet, or the pen is near my ear, I can hear the ball moving around in the cartridge.

Even though I prefer bottled ink, I like this ink and might buy another cartridge 2-pack to keep them around. I leave a couple cheap pens (well, relatively cheap) in my office desk and use cartridges in them to avoid the risk of ink bottles in the office. I could see a couple Platinum’s, the Plasir for example, with the slip & seal cap replacing my Lamys. With the Lamys I typically lose more ink through evaporation than I actually use.

Pens Used

Platinum #3776 Century with a 14K fine nib. The ink was great in this pen. It’s the only ink I’ve ever had in the pen, and it’s been there all year as a test of the “slip and seal” cap. It writes as soon as the nib touches paper, every time. I review the pen here.

Platinum Plasir with a steel medium nib. This pen did not write well with the ink. I was able to get the writing sample but I had to press down harder than normal. This did seem to be the pen as another ink had an issue.

Platinum Carbon Desk Pen with a extra fine steel nib. Being a Asian extra fine it’s a needlepoint by some standards.The pen has a wider than usual channel for the ink in order to accommodate Platinum’s Carbon ink which is a waterproof pigment ink. The ink flow was also great in this pen. Despite the thin nib a nicely saturated line was put down.




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