This Week’s Ink: June 15, 2013

I’m carrying four of the pens forward to the week ahead. I broke my “no new pens until DC” resolution and have two pens due to arrive early next week. So I’m leaving 2 slots open in my Penvelope 6 for them. And of course, the desk pens are always inked.

The Sheaffer and Esterbrook were clearly my pens of choice for most of last week, getting the most use. The Syo-ro ink in the Esterbrook was an accidental order, it’s not an ink I would have picked on purpose since it seems too blue for me. But when it hit the slightly off-white Doane Paper I was impressed. In the right light (actually, more a lack of direct light) the ink looks greenish which I really like. It’s a rather soothing color once it dries.

The Plumix still has ink but it’s moved to my desk drawer for the times I want to practice with an italic nib. The Platinum Plasir has replaced a Lamy in my office desk drawer for those times I forget my pens or want a color I’m not carrying that day. I’m hoping the Slip & Seal cap keeps the ink around longer than the Lamy’s since the pen will get little use.

Picture of pens inked for the week ahead

Sheaffer Balance Full Size (Fine) – Iroshizuku Fuyu-syogun  // Esterbrook J Double Jewel (#2668) – Iroshizuku Syo-ro // Pilot Vanishing Point Black Marble (Fine) – Diamine Oxblood // Platinum 3776 Century (Fine) – Platinum Brown cartridge

No writing samples this week since I/m pressed for time and they’re the same inks as last week, just not all of them.

No new pics, but here are the pens and ink being carried this week.