This Week’s Ink: July 6, 2013

It’s been a couple weeks since my last TWI yet all those pens are still inked. A couple pens came and went, most notably my Faber-Castell E-motion with ink I’ll be reviewing in the week ahead. But the two main reasons they still have ink are their large ink capacities and less writing on my part.

So the three pens remain. The fourth is a new addition to my accumulation – a Conklin Crescent Filler Demonstrator. My only experience with a modern Conklin wasn’y very good but this pen is cool I had to give it a try. After a few months wait it finally arrived so it’s been immediately inked.

Inked Pens

Pens inked for the week ahead
L-R: Esterbrook, Parker Duofold Senior, Pilot VP, Conklin Crescent Fill

Esterbrook J Double Jewel (#2668) – Iroshizuku Syo-ro // 1945 Parker Vacumatic Duofold (Fine) – Rohrer & Klingner Leipziger Schwarz  // Pilot Vanishing Point Black Marble (Fine) – Diamine Oxblood // Conklin Crescent Fill LE Demonstrator (Fine) – Montblanc Burgundy Red


Writing samples for this week's ink